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Well, I guess it was inevitable! Our intention was to head out West today, but a drive in the snow is simply not appealing. In addition, our little Yorkie dog appears to be in need of some veterinary attention, as our daughter-in-law who does his grooming (which was long overdue) advised he apparently has an ear infection that requires antibiotics. So here we sit, watching the snow coming down…until it’s time to take the dog in. 

Thankfully we got the yard all ready for winter last week. Today I will bring Hosea and Jennie in (our treasure obtained in Texas) as they are not used to a Saskatchewan winter for sure!! So we will try to make Creston for Thanksgiving and then head on to Kelowna. 

Our daughter in Gray Creek just e-mailed us a photo of the 7 point Bull Elk her husband recently “bagged”. It is a fine specimen indeed! He is an avid hunter and there is no doubt he will be mounting the rack. We look forward to seeing it. 

Sure are happy with the Saskatchewan Roughriders so far!! Hoping they can keep it up to the finals… I would LOVE to have a Grey Cup Party like we used to have in our younger days in Calgary, if they actually make it to the finals… 

Our coffee group had planned to go on some short group “excursions” this summer but somehow, here it is, autumn, and we never went ANYWHERE! Maybe next year… 

One of my family’s last remaining “patriarchs” who had been living in the senior care home in Langenburg for several years recently passed away. My brother represented our family at his funeral. Looks like our generation is next in line… How did we get this darn old this darn quick??? 

The recent Miles for Mary campaign was very successful thanks to the people who donated and attended, and the participation of the volunteers at the Heritage Centre. Thank you Prince Albert! We never know when it is going to be our turn to find these Senior Transportation services invaluable… 

We are looking forward to seeing our kids and grandkids and great-grands (as they call them in Texas) for Thanksgiving. Again time for Rod’s Mom, Virginia, and myself to celebrate our September birthdays together! Then it is off to Kelowna to visit George and Mary. When we phoned Mary last week, it was obvious she desperately needs some backup to cope with dealing with George’s sad condition! He is confined to a wheel chair, but his mind is clear as a bell. She manages pretty well on her own, but it takes its toll - hard to keep a stiff upper lip day after day after day… Especially with the cold weather setting in, and him not being able to be inside the house. Maybe this trip John will be able to convince her to get wheelchair access into the house… We are praying that this can be accomplished. 

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