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We surely did have a lovely Thanksgiving, even though some of the family members were not able to come home. Granddaughter Chelsea and her husband took advantage of hunting season at their favorite spot just out of Calgary, and bagged a large MOOSE! As we were travelling to Kelowna, they were coming to Gray Creek to help Dad cut up the elk and deer he had bagged, and then Dad will be heading to Calgary to assist them in processing their huge moose! No doubt there will be some meat swapping so each has some of all of the meat. We really were not aware that we are a part of the “Moose Dynasty”… But they love to hunt and their freezers are always full! 

Our little great granddaughters, age 7 and 5 are family treasures! Grandma Christy (our daughter) is the BEST grandma ever! And they love spending time with her. Olivia, 7 straightened the fellas out about their names. Grampa (Rodney) is Papa BOOM (the fireworks specialist), and John is Grampa B or Papa B. And I get to be Great-Nana. Love it! Rod’s Mom, Virginia, who lives in her own house on the same property, is Granny – the happiest granny ever to have her loved ones living next door. She is 81 and lives in her own home - she knits up a storm, and everyone has a Granny-made blanket, (including us) and watches movies in her easy chair, and thinks she is in seventh heaven! They either deliver meals to her house, or have her over for meals (especially when they have company). Our son-in-law recently granted her wish to have a new kitchen, as the old one had been in the house since Rodney was born, and she is just thrilled to have it! 

Soon it was time to head for Kelowna. The drive from Kootenay Lake Ferry up past Ainsworth Hot Springs, then through the mountains to Needles Ferry, is absolutely breathtaking this time of year! There is some snow at the stop of higher mountains. The autumn leaves are blazing yellow and red and shades of green. The beauty of God’s creation is nothing short of magnificent! 

The Needles Ferry is a small ferry with a short span on the water. Even if the ferry is full, it does not take a long time to get back to the other side for more travellers. Darn, the little market place that has the best home-made cinnamon buns for sale is already closed for the season! Travellers wandering around for a short stroll waiting for the ferry to return are wearing jackets, a sure sign that summer is over! Unfortunately, vandalism is prevalent here as well as other places. Security cameras and video surveillance appears to be necessary even in the washrooms… 

As we came into Kelowna, it started raining. It has been too cool for George to come home, so we have to visit him at the Care Home. Hopefully the days to come will be warm and sunny and he will be able to come home with senior transportation and we can do our visiting in their breezeway! 

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