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Our morning entertainment in Kelowna was looking out of sister-in-law Mary’s large front dining room window watching the crows as we had our breakfast! A “murder” (that’s what Mr. Google says a BUNCH of crows are called) were feasting on Mary’s walnuts on her lawn. We obtained quite an education watching them. They pick up a walnut, but then have to figure out how the heck to open them! They obviously have this down “pat”. We watched one crow in the middle of the road, waiting for a car to come and drive over the walnut that he has his eye on. Missed. So then the crow would fly up to the power line with the nut in its mouth, beside all the other crows lined up up there. He would then proceed to very methodically drop the nut onto the ground. It still did not open. The crow then picked the nut up off the middle of the road and flew up to the power line again. He then dropped it where it could see the next car would drive over it. Voila – it was finally cracked and he picked it up and ate it. It then proceeded to do it all over again! What determination! Plus there were other crows around waiting for their nuts too. It appeared that they do not try to impose on the other’s attempts to retrieve the walnut meat, but there are plenty to go around, so they go and get their own nut and use their own techniques to get them cracked. VERY INTERESTING! Better than television… 

For a couple of the days we were in Kelowna, George was able to come home in a wheel-chair accessible taxi. Time at home is spent in the breezeway between the house and the garage and we were thankful to have some warm weather so that he was not too cold. Every morning we were there, John drove over to the nursing home to visit with him, waiting for the day to warm up for him to come home. 

I finally tracked down my Mom’s cousin’s daughter in Kelowna to find out the current whereabouts of her father, as he had been released from the care home where John’s brother George resides. It took some doing to find the place, as I got disoriented as to the location of the facility. When I finally figured that out, it was a simple matter to find it. Cousin Fred is 92, but you would never know it to see him. He had a stroke more recently than George, but his other side was affected. I went to see him on my own, and the two of us had the best visit ever! His wife lives in a different part of the facility, as she does not have any health issues, and had gone to get her hair done. His mind is clear as a bell. I was much complimented on hs comment on how much I resembled my mother. He was a member of the Air Force in the war years and the pictures on the wall showed he was an extremely handsome man in his day. He has aged very gracefully! I was telling him that John’s brother George, who is in much the same condition as he, had expressed that he really doesn’t want to “be here” any more. Fred said that he was pretty well in the same boat, with the same wish. It was soon time for the nurses to get him up and out of his bed for supper and I waited in the front room until they wheeled him out to the dining room. It may well be that this will be our last visit and I am so thankful I made the effort. I am also hoping to connect with his daughter on the computer, as she sounds like a lovely young woman - she is single and works in the health care system. 

It was soon time to leave Kelowna for home. We stopped at Gray Creek for a couple of nights with Christy and Rod and had a lovely surprise to have granddaughter Chelsea from Calgary there for a few days as well. As we travelled back down the lake on the way home, we were trying to figure out how many times we had made this trip through the Kootenays – John estimated we had done it at least 60 times over the years… This trip we left Gray Creek at 9:00 a.m. our time and arrived home at 11:00 p.m. our time, stopping only to eat and gas up. It was great travelling weather and the traffic was average. What a great feeling it was to be home again, and as usual, we gave thanks to the Good Lord for a safe trip! 

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