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We got home to learn of the flooding in Texas in the Marble Falls area where we volunteered for several years and have many friends there. The pictures on Facebook were of waterways overflowing, cars and houses floating down the river and the water under bridge in Marble Falls nearly flooding the main bridge as well. The main street of Llano where we used to go to the flea market on the weekends was covered in water. It’s a very good thing that the Camp of the Hills main buildings are on high ground – it is certain that the land below the hill where the Dining hall and Offices are located is covered in water! Mother Nature sure can be nasty! We are thankful that our elderly friends’ house is on high ground, and our friend Georgie Porgie (so we call him)’s home is up on the top of the mountain behind their place! 

As sister-in-law Mary in Kelowna is by herself at home now, we helped her rake up the leaves on her lawn, and all she wanted to do was get rid of the walnuts her trees dropped on the ground, so we obliged her. We will no doubt be bringing walnut dishes to Cowboy Church over the winter… Although her hands and feet are very crippled up with arthritis, she says that it is therapeutic for her to work in her yard. While we were there, she had a man come and winterize their water system. Of course George used to do all this, but he is unable to do it since he has been in the care home. 

We were happy to be back home just in time to attend the “Gathering of the Cowboy Churches” in Spiritwood on the 20th. They were counting on John to do his Cowboy Poetry. It was a wonderful afternoon and evening. The ladies from the area brought food for the FEAST and it was amazing. The people kept coming – final count was 112 including the musicians. Each set of musicians sang two songs – there simply was not time for any more. What a variety of talented people shared their music with those who came! It was over by 8:30, so it wasn’t a real long night, and the drive home was nice. We only heard of one deer on the road, and it was avoided… 

Thank heaven for the nice warm weather allowing the farmers to get their crops off the fields. We saw the activity well into the dark all the way coming home from Kelowna and then around Spiritwood area. 

I am thanking the Good Lord that I am not in the hospital with my head split open after a fall I had coming up the stairs in our house on Friday! The tip of my shoe caught on the lip of the lower step and I went flying head first into the step going up into the kitchen. Just about gave my good husband a heart attack! After ascertaining that I had not cracked my forehead – no blood or anything, thank heaven, and everything else appearing to intact, he helped me up. No concussion , no blurred vision, no apparent need to get medical attention - and many prayers of thankfulness that I wasn’t hurt worse. Those angels were looking after me again! 

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