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Sure was a hard one to see the Saskatchewan Roughriders lose to Winnipeg – but then – someone has to win and someone has to lose! They gave them a good run for their money anyway… My next choice was Calgary – glad to see they won and they get to play against the RedBlacks on November 25th! We can recall the days when these two much younger people lived in Calgary (that’s where we met) – half of Saskatchewan had moved west and there were more Roughrider fans in the stadium than there were Calgary fans at that time! That is also where I got “cured” of attending live games. Just about everyone had a beer in their hand and when the game got really exiting, everyone stood up and cheered and the beer went flying. That was not in my comfort zone to get a beer bath and have to sit there for the rest of the game. I haven’t been to a live football game since… That’s what you call “another trip down memory lane”… 

We had a wonderful visit with our son and his family this past weekend. We were delighted to have them come over for a while. Everyone is always so busy – everyone going their own way - and it’s not often that we get the opportunity to enjoy an evening with them. We got to see our very pregnant granddaughter who is counting down the days until her little fellow is “done” kicking her in the ribs and causing her many sleepless nights because of discomfort. It looks like he is going to be a fairly big baby! All I can say is: I am glad it’s not me!!!! 

I try to keep in touch with my sister since she got out of the hospital in Yorkton. Unfortunately, she is not doing very well now that she is back at home. It would certainly be a blessing if she could get into an assisted living situation. Hopefully her health care professionals can do something for her soon. She had a social worker when she was in hospital and that would have been the time to take care of it, instead of sending her home. When she was “functional”, she was a worker in a nursing home herself, and now it looks like it is her turn to be in such a facility. 

As I look out my window, it appears we are getting another blast of winter. How awesome it is to be able to “stay put” in a nice warm home and not have to venture out for any reason (except to let the pets out). Our daughter will have to drive home in the snow after work. We pray for safety for all who have no choice but to drive home after the snowfall. 

Our friends from Texas are busy with U.S. Thanksgiving. We treasure the days when we had the pleasure of joining them in their Thanksgiving festivities. We especially recall one huge family party we were invited to, where the family members filed in, each with their own turkey, and one with a “turducken”. That is a turkey stuffed with a duck inside, and a chicken stuffed inside the duck… a U.S. Thanksgiving we will never forget! 

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