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Wouldn’t you know it – we had a long awaited specialist appointment in Saskatoon first thing in the morning and got snowed in overnight!    Thankfully the medical office was very understanding and it was no problem to re-schedule.  We called the “Highway Hotline” and it obviously needs drastic upgrading, as it was no use whatsoever!   And as I look out our window as I am typing, the sky is clear and there is little or no wind.  Mother Nature can sure screw you up sometimes…  

We had a wonderful trip and visit in Regina on the weekend to help my Aunt Shirley celebrate her 80th birthday.  The roads were good and the weather was nice.  She was SO happy to have the company and we were very glad we went.   The surprise party was in White City at their son Wayne’s  beautiful huge home.   She was amazed to see all the family and old friends who showed up to help her mark this special milestone!  She certainly does not look like “an old gal”!  I thought I should know one lady who was there but could not put a name to her.  When I asked, she said she and Shirley had gone to Regina after they graduated and both worked at the telephone office there as operators, and were roommates.  This lady was my best friend, Connie’s cousin.  That was so neat!  Connie passed away with Lou Gehrig’s disease many years ago.

There must have been over 60 people at the party!  All of my aunt’s daughters who were raised near Russell, Mb. were there except one of the sisters who lives in Winnipeg.   Their family initially consisted of 7 girls!  Never a dull moment at their place!!  Unfortunately, the oldest daughter passed away as a young mother.  These girls had their own “mini party” and were very entertaining!   The cousins were all delighted to see each other, as there do not seem to be many opportunities to get together other than funerals…   I was so thankful we were able to be there!  Aunt Doreen is the only remaining aunt besides Shirley and I was delighted to visit with her as well.  She just moved into an assisted living condo in Regina and is very happy to be there! 

Cousin Wayne walked by me carrying their little dog from the bedroom to go outside - in his arms was the most precious miniature Yorkie.  It looked like a young pup, but when he brought it back in and I asked to hold it, Wayne told me it is 7 years old.   Ours is a Yorkie crossed with a Schitzu – a ‘Shorkie”.  Cute as their little dog is, I am happy ours is not a miniature, as it would be so easy to accidentally hurt the little guy…  When we first got ours, he fit into a 20-pack timbits box but now he is 11 inches high – just the right size…!

Aunt Shirley tried to convince us to stay for another day.  It would have been nice, but we had committed to be back for Cowboy Church in Birch Hills where John was to do another one of his readings.  The road home was not too bad.  If we had stayed, we would have run into the bad weather, so it was a good decision to go home.

The grader has been by and the kind neighbour next door cleaned out our driveway.  The sun is shining and we are looking forward to having a great week!  Hope y’all do too!

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