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On the 21st, we encountered “Blue Monday” – said to be the most depressing day of the year – I felt perfectly happy until I found out I was supposed to be depressed!!!

Since we have gone to a different internet provider, we have all kinds of different channels we have never had before.  Some of them are “outrageous” but we seem to be compelled to watch them anyway…  For instance, we had never heard of “Dr. Pimple Popper” before.  It is the most gross but enjoyable show ever!  This doctor (I believe she IS a doctor) down in the states has a clinic and her patients have all kinds of weird growths and things on their bodies.  Her mission is to remove them “then and there” and the patients all leave with a new lease on life.  The cameras show the whole operation and they are all done with just local freezing.  The growths come in all shapes and sizes, on every part of the body imaginable.   Have to have a pretty good “constitution” to watch that one…  Our parents would say “YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING!!!”

And then there is a new show that has grossly obese patients – like the one today – a young man who was 1,002 pounds when he came to this special doctor for help.  The doctor said he would do surgery on his stomach if he went below 600 pounds.    He was in hospital 2 months and lost 250 pounds and then had to go home and lose 200 more pounds there in two months before he would be recommended for surgery.  He was eating 12000 calories a day and had to go down to 800 calories a day to lose the weight.  That was no small feat!   We have been watching the show for a few weeks now and this was by far the most challenging one ever.   It always makes me wonder how long it takes to give up and go back to their old eating habits…  We have watched about 8 or so shows involving men and women in drastic trouble  with their weight.  Can’t help but say a prayer for strength for the will power for them to maintain their weight and not fall back into the old eating habits after all they go through.  

Today’s big news was the train derailment at Warman Road which sounded like it was a disaster!   A friend from P.A. was headed to the hospital in Saskatoon after having morning coffee here and we have no idea if she got to Saskatoon before it happened or not.  It sure would have thrown a monkey-wrench into her plans if she could not get through…

It is a nice reprieve to have a few days of warmer weather this week.  We had a bit of shovelling to do and didn’t get frozen for a change.

I have been trying to get some housecleaning done and get rid of a lot of clutter and paperwork that is no longer required.  What a job – our computer room is a disaster!  I don’t “compute” in it anymore, as when John built me my new “computer desk” out of an old Singer sewing machine table, all computing has been done in the living room by the fireplace, where I can compute AND watch my soap operas…  I LOVE BEING RETIRED!!

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Wednesday June 5, 2019

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Wednesday June 12, 2019

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