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We had intended to be headed for Kelowna by now, but for some reason or other, John was not feeling comfortable about heading out just yet, as here we are, still at home.  Sometimes a person feels you should listen to your instincts and change your plans.  They were a little disappointed in Kelowna that we did not make it for George’s birthday, but that’s the way it goes…  

We got the garden planted and John then started reinforcing our coverall with the individual panels from a garage door.  That certainly reduces the risk of damage to the coverall from wind and snow in winter.  His next project is replacing some of the boards in the fencing around our back yard and giving the fence another coat of paint.  Seems to be getting to the point that it’s just about too much work for us “old fogies”.    The years are flying by and it’s hard to believe we got this darn old this darn quick!!

I am enjoying the lilac trees in our yard in full bloom – LOVE that smell of lilacs.  They have such a short span to bloom in the spring!  Not so crazy about the return of the hornets that nest under the foundation of the house right by our sidewalk coming into the yard!!!

We wish we could have gone to Manitoba for a few days to help celebrate John’s youngest daughter Kelly’s birthday .  It is unimaginable that she is 52 already!!!!  Where has the time gone?  She and her husband are not grandparents yet, but no doubt they will be one of these years…  They have three children and only one is married.

No sign of Sheamus our cat yet, but I am still not ready to give up hope ….

We had some bad news from Texas recently.  Our friends at Camp of the Hills, whose oldest son graduated from high school this year, was at his outdoor grad party and fell, arms first into the bonfire and has been in the burn unit of the hospital ever since.  I don’t believe his face got severely burned, but his arms and hands sure did!  His parents have been to the hospital every day, just at peak time for camp to get started…  A person sure can’t warn these kids enough to be responsible party-ers!!

I am counting down the days until the Sons of the Pioneers will be performing in Rawlinson Centre - June 21st!  Hope y’all have your tickets!  The Rose Garden Hospice in Prince Albert is just one of the charities which will benefit from the evening with the Sons of the Pioneers.

We have planted a garden, but maybe we put the seeds with their eyes down or something, because it seems nothing is coming up!   Same with potatoes…   

Might have to do some pest control, as there appear to be many wasps and hornets out in the yard.   If there is anything I detest, it is wasps and hornets!!!!  I got stung really bad when I was a child and that phobia has stayed with me!  And then when we lived in Creston, I went over a steep bank on a sharp corner, in our car, with our young daughter along when a wasp appeared on the dash!  I freaked out and went over the bank!  Thankfully we both survived (not the wasp, I hope).  I had some head injuries which needed lots of stitches, but were not life-threatening - spent a week in hospital.  Shari had a gash on her head, but was okay as well, thank the Lord.

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Wednesday November 27, 2019

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