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This morning I look out my kitchen window and see our beautiful new Canadian flag gently blowing in the wind.  How awesome that a person can buy such a beautiful large flag at most Dollar Stores for a mere $3.00, and they can last a full year!!  Happy Canada Day!

I am thrilled to have our “hen and chicks” thriving from last year.  I used to have them in years gone by, but for some reason they did not survive.   Not all of our strawberry plants survived the winter, but the ones that did are doing quite well.  They are blooming already!

Our son did not want his garden pond anymore, so we had him deliver it to our house along with all of the big rocks last fall.  We had enough garden space to put the pond in one corner of the garden, but then decided not to set it up THIS year and planted  garden  there instead;  it is now a “next year project”.  Now that the grass finally started growing, there is a never-ending cycle of mowing – cannot believe how quickly it grows!

 Our grandson is graduating from Carlton High School this year – he and all the other grads are no doubt looking forward to it being over and done with!  We will get to see him play in the band one more time, and we wish Bryton and all the other grads all the best!!!

We especially pray that all graduation activities will be SAFE!  Our friends’ son who graduated this year in Texas, who fell into the fire pit at their grad party, had been recuperating from the burns sustained, but unfortunately, when the doctors took the last bandages off his one leg, what they found was not good.  We have not heard anything further, but hope and pray he will be okay!

Our kids in Gray Creek, B.C. are looking forward to a spectacular July 1st long weekend with ALL of their children and families present.  We will not get to spend a lot of time with them, as we will just have an overnight on the way to Kelowna, but are sure looking forward to seeing the grandchildren and the little great granddaughters.  They have no doubt grown like weeds since we last saw them.  On the trip back, we will probably stay and visit a bit longer with Christy and Rod, but the kids will have left by then.  We are anxious to meet the new upcoming addition to the family – our granddaughter Ceira has become engaged to her boyfriend recently, so we are very happy for her.  John’s brother and his wife in Kelowna are anxiously awaiting our visit – we had already postponed our trip once so we could go to the Sons of the Pioneers Concert!  As we have done before, we also hope to take a short jaunt south to visit our sister-in-law and her husband in Sandpoint, Idaho as it is just a hop, skip and jump away from Creston.


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Wednesday November 20, 2019

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Wednesday November 27, 2019

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