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We have not enjoyed such a wonderful musical evening in a long time!  The Sons of the Pioneers at the Rawlinson Centre provided us with a very special night to remember!

The group of six stepped out on the stage with only their musical instruments and their voices, and played and sang their wonderful songs from times gone by – to a packed house (at least on the main floor).  What a contrast to some of the musical functions of today – no one standing up in front of us to diminish our enjoyment of the event as we have encountered in some of today’s “concerts” – where we left with the comment “I will never go to another concert if that is what happens!”

We had a group of 9 friends attending with us and they all had a wonderful time, as did everyone who was there!

The Sons of the Pioneers sang so many of their old songs – COOL WATER, DON’T FENCE ME IN, HOME ON THE RANGE, TUMBLING TUMBLEWEEDS, HAPPY TRAILS TO YOU and many more, with their awesome harmonies.   It was such a thrill to be in the audience enjoying their songs in person!  

Although it is now practically “old news”, I just had to once again express our appreciation of the “powers that be” for bringing such a tremendously enjoyable show to Prince Albert.

And now that this excitement is over, we are soon headed to Kelowna and other places west where we have family waiting to see us on the long weekend and brother George anxiously wondering how come it is taking so long for us to pay them a visit!

Hope y’all have a wonderful long weekend and that we have “Happy Trails” in our travels. 

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