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We had a lovely trip from home to Gray Creek, B.C.  We have travelled to see our daughter and her family who live in Gray Creek many times over the years, but this was the first time we ever drove the whole way without stopping somewhere for the night.  We just kept on driving until both of us  realized it WAS not impossible!

Most of the rest of the family had already arrived and we had a wonderful visit with our children and grandchildren.  Met Ceira’s new boyfriend for the first time and he got Grampa’s approval by the end of the weekend.  He’s a keeper!  Her two little daughters are already smitten as well.  We are so happy for her and look forward to attending their wedding in a year’s time.

Talk about a full house – Chelsea and her husband have two large adult dogs;   Ceira had to bring her two beautiful rescue cats and we had our little Shorkie with us.  It was surprising how they all got along!

The “kids” all enjoyed playing with Chelsea and Brian’s newest toy - plastic guns that shoot little plastic pellets;  the goal is to shoot someone else before you get shot.  It was a new one on us…   Even Grandma (our daughter) and Grampa Rodney joined in the game and they all had a ball!  Us old folks just sat and enjoyed watching all the activity and fun!  It was a beautiful day!

Later, the children wanted to go down to the lake to go in the water, so we packed up and drove down to a nearby beach.  It so happened that there was a function just concluding in the building by the water, and as I was getting out of the car, I was amazed to see one of our neighbours from Kuskanook, where we used to live, just getting ready to leave.  What a wonderful surprise to see her!  She couldn’t believe her eyes to see me either!  Our children grew up together and went to the same school.  Since we left the area, her husband had suddenly passed away at a very young age.  It was quite a shock to everyone!  It would have been nice to get together and visit, but there simply was not enough time!

The big picnic at Gray Creek Park was on the day we left for Kelowna.  Our daughter Christy was in charge of the games, so she had to be there earlier. We did not get to enjoy our kids participating in the face painting and other activities, but we had been there for this event last year and were anxious to get on to Kelowna to be with brother George and his wife Mary.  

If George is well enough to come home for the day, the handibus brings him (he is in a wheelchair);  otherwise Mary goes over to the Care Home and spends her days with him there.  As they do not have children, it is basically just up to the two of them to make the best of each day as it comes.  He has been moved to a different facility and we were very impressed with his new accommodations.  Never in their wildest dreams did they ever envision the life they now lead, but they try to make the best of it, which is all they can do…  And all we can do is keep in touch and pray for them.

We also enjoyed a visit with John’s cousins who live across the lake in Kelowna.  Gertie has been have some serious health issues as well, but we are happy to say it looks like things are improving for her.  She has always been a real treasure!

Soon it was time to head back home, stopping at Christy’s for one more night.  The kids were all gone, except for our oldest grandson, Bryce, and we managed to work in a good game of canasta with him.

After saying our goodbyes, we were back on the road again.  The next day we received some not so great news that while she was with her father in Nakusp, our little great granddaughter had had an accident on her battery operated Jeep and needed to have a cast put on her wrist.  We did not get to see her on our way home, but are praying it will mend.

We again drove all the way home without staying over night and were amazed to see how our garden had overgrown when we arrived home!

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