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Our cousin in Warman celebrated her 90th birthday last Saturday at their church hall.  Despite the snowy and icy conditions, we hadn’t gotten together with John’s cousins in quite a while, so we decided to go anyway.  There was some ice and snow on the road, but most everyone was driving accordingly and it was a good trip.  We had gone early enough to allow for some shopping time at Liquidation World (for me) and Princess Auto for my husband. He usually buys his windshield wipers at Liquidation World…  They must have gotten in a new shipment of merchandise, as the store was jam-packed fully of bargains – anywhere from carpeting in felt hats, with slippers and knives and underwear in between!  I was lucky to find a very nice pair of blue jeans – I had recently cleaned out some drawers in my bedroom and had 5 pairs of well-worn jeans that went into the garbage last week…

Then we had some extra time before the birthday party was to start, and my day “was made” by getting to two other thrift shops in Warman.  Although I didn’t buy anything at either one, it is always nice to browse and often find a “treasure”!

Our little dog just LOVES the snow!  He can hardly wait to get out and start chasing around.  Of course it does not take him very long to get cold and he is back at the door looking like a snow dog!  Sure is fun to watch him thought.  Our relatively new cat, which is the same size as our dog, looks longingly out the patio door window and we dare not let her go out for fear of losing her.   I am so thankful both of our entry doors are full length glass so the critters can sit on the floor and see outside.

We have had some very dear friends experience some very unfortunate health problems recently.  Lots of prayers going up for our friend Jean who had a very bad fall at church and has been in hospital ever since, and then when we arrived at the Heritage Centre for breakfast last week, the ambulance was just taking our friend Ken to the hospital, where he has been diagnosed with a “brain bleed”.   We are praying for both of them, as well as their families.

Now, with this snow, we ALL have to be extra careful not to slip and fall!!

Hallowe’en is around the corner.  It used to be a “fun time” when we were younger, but we leave it to the youngsters to get excited about it these days…

More exciting is the upcoming football season with our Roughriders still in the running!  GO RIDERS GO!!

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Wednesday November 20, 2019

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Wednesday November 27, 2019

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