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Classic Car Show Time

FINALLY summer has arrived for a weekend!!   We took our classic car to the 19th Annual Canadian Tire Car Show, probably the biggest turnout of antique, classic and special interest vehicles they have ever had.  It was really neat to reminisce about the first ever Canadian Tire Car Show.  Our son Darren was working at Canadian Tire at the time and our family having had a history with the Klassic Kruizers Car Club, Jeff asked John if he would help them set up the First Annual Canadian Tire Car Show.  They planned it for weeks in advance.   What a day!  In conjunction with the show, car clubs from all over the province were invited to bring their cars and participate in the latest car enthusiast fad, Valve Cover Racing.  Car club members from all over Saskatchewan came in their classic vehicles, ready to compete with their various valve covers converted to “racing machines”.  In anticipation of a great time, John and Darren had built a variety of souped-up valve covers on wheels.  Come the day of the event, although the skies were cloudy, threatening rain, it was not a cold day, and the races commenced.  It poured rain!  All kinds of inventive rain gear came out and everyone enjoyed the day as if they were all in their right minds!!!  It was forever after known as a great time at “THE MONSOON NATIONALS”!

Ever since hearing that The Sensational Hot Rods are the entertainment at the Northern Lights Casino Car Show on August 9th, my heart has been a-quiver!  We had the extreme pleasure of dancing to this band from Ontario at a Super Run Saskatchewan weekend in Saskatoon quite a few years ago, and without a doubt, this is been the best Rock and Roll Band I have ever seen in person.  We were at a huge car show in Sandpoint, Idaho one year and the entertainment was a top performer from the 60’s whose name I cannot recall.  That show was so disappointing – it could not begin compare to the wonderful performance of The Sensational Hot Rods!

Our big gas powered lawnmower is not working so well, and we recently replaced it with my choice of mower.  The old one was very heavy, with a low handle which was hard on my back, and I could NEVER start it!  John gave it one pull and away it went.  I could pull till the cows come home and it would just sit there!!!  We purchased a new 14 inch electric mower on sale for a very reasonable price.  John also has a riding mower to do the front lawn, as well as the neighbours’, and I am now a happy camper with my little maneuverable mower to do the back lawn (although I have to admit to some frustration handling the extension cord; but I knew it would be a pain and felt it was preferable because I am at least able to start it and I can get into the smaller areas).

We are certainly enjoying the summer days which have finally arrived.  Our Texas friends are requesting us to send them some cooler days… Their weather has been very hot in June and July!!

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