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John & Linda Braun


The garden is planted (despite our initial plan NOT to have one this summer)!  We have such good soil here that after John tilled it up, we could not imagine having it sit unplanted.  We had seeds left from last year and now all we have to do is water it! The dandelions in our yard have been sprayed but it didn’t slow them down much!

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We got a nice surprise this weekend.  My brother had found a boat that he wanted on the internet and it happened to be in Prince Albert!  He came to pick it up, and we enjoyed some family time together.   Can hardly wait to get a boat ride when we are able to get to Langenburg.  There are several lakes nearby and I am sure that as soon as he gets it home, he is going to try it out!!

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Still no sign of our missing cat … we are not holding our breath to see him again but have not lost hope that he could possibly find his way home.  

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We have enjoyed having our daughter’s Siamese cat in our home for some 7 years.  At one point when he was still quite young, he disappeared for about 3 months and we thought we would never see him again.  We could not believe our eyes when he showed up after being gone that long, looking like he had travelled many miles to get “back home”!   Our whole family was overjoyed to have him back, including our little Yorkie dog!

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Oh I woke up Sunday morning with no Dr. Pinkus on the radio (can you hear me singing?) YAY!!!

Every Sunday morning I enjoy waking up in bed and listening to the Lutheran Hour on CJWW Radio. My Mom and Dad and Grandma all listened to the Lutheran Hour every Sunday morning for years and years. Since the new young speaker has taken over, I find myself looking forward to his messages and not wanting to miss a single word! As soon as the Lutheran Hour was over, however, the radio station was immediately turned off because advertising by Dr. Pinkus was definitely not what I wanted to listen to on Sunday morning! I was so happy to inadvertently leave the radio on this past weekend and there was wonderful good old country music on right after the Lutheran Hour instead of Dr. Pinkus. Thank you CJWW!

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Wednesday June 5, 2019

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Wednesday June 12, 2019

  • Canadian Tire
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  • Surplus Furniture
  • PharmaChoice
  • Giant Tiger
  • The Brick
  • Save On Foods
  • Houle Furniture