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John & Linda Braun


We have spent the last few days in Kelowna visiting George and Mary.  It was heartwarming to find George in fairly good spirits, speaking clearly and looking chipper.  He is brought home on the handibus 6 days a week and spends from 1:00 to 6:30 p.m. at home every day. Unfortunately the only place he can access at home is the breezeway between the house and the garage and already the weather is just about too cold for him to sit out there.  At least the sun was out this afternoon and it was comfortable to be out on the driveway.  Another friend came to visit and it was great until later in the afternoon when the sun went down.

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Well, 70th birthday has come and gone with minimal fanfare except on Facebook, where best wishes came in from far and wide.  These days a message is just a keystroke away on the computer for most people!  A coffee friend gave me the prettiest hand-made rug which our puppy immediately claimed as his own when I laid it in front of the fireplace ...  Got to eat out two nights in a row which is unusual in our household.  That’s it for now – the main celebrations will be held at our daughter’s who lives north of Creston on Kootenay Lake, in B.C.  Her husband’s Mom, Virginia, suggested some time ago that she and I should celebrate our birthdays together there – she turns 80 the first week of October.   So that is the plan.    We will be travelling to Kelowna to visit John’s brother, George, again.  They will be very happy for the visit.  He is able to go home on the handy bus every day except Sunday and he and his wife can spend a good part of the day together.  He is always happy to have meals at home as opposed to in the nursing home.   I wish I could say his condition was improving, but I think it is a long hard row he has to hoe.

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One more item on my bucket list checked off – enjoying Hillbilly Homestead!  Although Minnie Pearl was not on the agenda for this past Sunday, Rod Gjerde did a fine job entertaining the nice crowd with all of our old country favorites and even a little sing-song so we could do a bit of singing ourselves.  He must have played and sung for 3 hours straight, (and without a break, or a beer, ha ha).  Pretty good for “an old guy” (no offence intended).  I’m getting to be “an old gal” coming up, so I can’t talk…

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Here it is – coming that time of year again – TWO MILES FOR MARY.  September 29, 2017, 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.  is the date, and Heritage Centre is the place for the Radiothon and 30th anniversary of Two Miles for Mary.  For this special anniversary, Two Miles for Mary will be gathering all the Mary’s together to honour them and allow them to act as united spokespeople for the operation.  The term of last year’s Mary is done and a new Mary will be “crowned”. Unfortunately, we will not be able to attend because we have commitments in B.C, but we will be thinking of you back here in P.A.   This service of Senior Transportation is a lifeline of independence for many Seniors in Prince Albert!

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The following is a write-up taken from CJWW Home Page with respect to the radio career of Rod Kitter:

Rod was born in Saskatoon about the time they put the river through. He attended Prince Philip Elementary, Walter Murray High School, and a brief stint at the College of Engineering at the U of S. When asked why he left , his reply was simple...One of us had to go and they were here first.

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