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Prince Albert Voice

Melanie Markling

A Rose By Another Name

Firstly, I have an affinity to the name Rose, my maternal Grandmother’s name.  Recently I’ve spent some much needed time foraging for rosehips.  If you don’t know a thing about rosehips, now is a great time to learn about them. 

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Made in Prince Albert

These last few months I was busy teaching myself how to seriously grow food.  With the help of my Aunt and Uncle, some advice from my Mom, and a bit of research via books/internet, I realize what it would take to feed MYSELF for a year.  The work to grow it is one thing - it’s another to preserve it all to last throughout the year.  Of course my family gets to enjoy the limited fruits of my labour; however, I will add that if gardening was entirely necessary as the primary food source for a larger family, it would definitely have to be a family venture so no one goes without the benefit of home-grown, organic, and nutritious food.  I will also add here that if my family had to depend on my ability to secure food without access to grocery stores we would all be a pretty thin bunch.   

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Green Thumbs and Fresh Perspective

This week I had the opportunity to meet a few new faces around the city, the result of one of many quirky hobbies I find myself temporarily lost in on occasion.  I’m interested in meeting people with similar interests as it makes for fascinating conversations and many lessons - sometimes I even find myself on a completely different path altogether.    Of course, there is a bit of a bragging element to it – when you find yourself slightly passionate about anything the result tends to be remarkable and this is exactly what I found on my journey throughout Prince Albert this week.   The people I met definitely have every right to showcase their ideas and hard work.  

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Creating Meaning and Purpose through the Earth

When I was growing up I recall my parents dabbling in gardening.  I can’t say they were the greenest of thumbs but I do have various memories of gardens, planters, flower beds, and yard work that seemed to keep them busy throughout the summer.  It seems my Mom usually took more of an interest in it but Dad was there to help her around the yard whenever she needed – usually with some gentle prompting to my recollection, but I digress.  I suppose my interest in plants, their growth and purpose, always seemed to follow me along as I watched my Mom all these years work hard to grow plants. I’ve always enjoyed the fruits of her labour whether it’s some fresh peas picked right off the stalk to some very delicious potatoes with dill and butter to sweet tangy rhubarb crisp with vanilla ice cream.   

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Hunting Season, Foraging, and Friendship

There is nothing that brings people together like food.  At least that’s been my experience throughout my lifetime and things haven’t seemed to change.  A process stemming as far back into the roots of society as one can travel, hunting for and cooking food brings people together.  Food is life and a good life means connectedness to each other and to the earth.  Nowhere is this more evident than in my most recent connection with Saskatchewan businesswoman, Brianna Kroener, owner of Hunting Season Spice Company.  

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Wednesday January 13, 2021