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Green Thumbs and Fresh Perspective

This week I had the opportunity to meet a few new faces around the city, the result of one of many quirky hobbies I find myself temporarily lost in on occasion.  I’m interested in meeting people with similar interests as it makes for fascinating conversations and many lessons - sometimes I even find myself on a completely different path altogether.    Of course, there is a bit of a bragging element to it – when you find yourself slightly passionate about anything the result tends to be remarkable and this is exactly what I found on my journey throughout Prince Albert this week.   The people I met definitely have every right to showcase their ideas and hard work.  

The very first plant I recall buying as an adult is known as a Ficus elastica, or rubber tree.  I bought it approximately 15 years ago and it was likely 5 years old at that point.  This is my guess.  I still have the same plant and I’m looking at it right now.  It sits in my living room and is kind of intriguing as I’m not sure how I’ve managed to keep it alive for so many years.  I struggle to keep a green thumb but I acknowledge this growing hobby of mine is precisely what guided me on an adventure out to Nordale. 

Nordale is a small community north of Prince Albert and it’s here where I met a really cool gal with an amazing knack for plants and gardening.  While I was there to pick up a few houseplants, kind lady who wanted to remain anonymous answered so many of my questions confirming that plant people are truly so down to earth and patient.  As I followed her toward the soon to be new additions to my home I was immediately struck by the beauty and magic she created within her yard and surrounding land.  Lush with fresh green vines and delicate hues of the rainbow, I was definitely enchanted and my senses were teased.  Coming back to reality I acknowledged the yard work must be incredible.  This particular garden is a labour of love spanning over 15 years and I felt completely lucky to be able to experience such beauty so close to home.  What an inspiration!   

I ended up walking away from Nordale with a few new house pets in the form of Flowering Maple, Madagascar Jasmine, and Bridal Veil, and some Christmas Cacti.  Love.  As I wander on my way with my innocent and tough Rubber Tree I now find myself looking at some rare and exotic life forms in my home and I wonder how I’ll do and how they’ll manage.  It will be interesting to see if I can keep this Madagascar Jasmine up and running – she’s sensitive and needs a bit more attention.   I should mention that earlier this week I picked up a Jade plant which is also known as a money tree.  It’s absolutely magnificent and I’m very lucky to have found it even though I realize my growing collection will require more focus.  Growing plants means business.  You must be willing to commit time and patience in order to have happy plants.  Thriving plants produce beautiful buds and blooms and reward every one of our senses; steady work but deeply satisfying results.  Neglect is usually rewarded with sad and pathetic looking plants – it might be a reflection of how well you’re taking care of yourself as the process forces you to slow down and pay attention to the details.  I like to look at it from this perspective.  15 years is a long time but while we’re spending some time enhancing the details the big picture really comes to life.  

We are nearing the end of summer after lucking out with such a warm and sunny growing season.  Although the heat caused some issues with plants around the area I’d have to say it was a most memorable growing season for myself as I’ve learned a lot about gardening and farming.  Growing plants - highly recommended.  

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