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Melanie Markling

Shedding a Light on Guns

As a woman, a business owner, and a writer I find myself in a very interesting position.  I am deeply connected to the firearm industry and my position as an arms dealer and owner of a gun range offers me a perspective unlike no other I’ve ever experienced.  With my partner, Heith, we created and own one of the most technologically advanced and highest rated gun ranges in Canada which is open to absolutely everyone.  Maybe there are better ones but overall we walk the walk.  We invested our life savings into firearms and I wouldn’t change a thing. 

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A Random Act of Kindness

With the amount of snow that fell recently, I was relieved in a sense because I understand we need the extra layers of snow to keep the frost from sinking too deep into the earth which only wrecks havoc on pipes and structures underground.  This sense of relief was also met with some uncertainty because there was a lot of shovelling that needed to get done.  While I was at work during the heavy snow fall last week, bundled up from head to toe trying to avoid the icy pellets as they blew into my face, a truck pulled up beside me and a friendly face rolled down his window and asked, “Who does your snow?” I replied, “We do.”  He then asked what time the store was open until.  “Eight o’clock” I responded.  And with that this kind gentleman offered to come back later in the evening with his bladed quad and clean up our massive parking lot.  This guy knows who he is and I don’t have to name him here but that simple offering he gave to us was truly a random act of kindness in play.  

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Feeling Stuck and Letting It Go

For some of us the beginning of a new year brings along with it resolutions.  I used to make resolutions until I discovered that by January 2nd at 11:00pm I was usually back full swing into old habits.  I realized I was denying myself opportunities that may be presented when commitment to me was not the top priority.  A little over eight months ago I made a commitment to myself that would help me to grow - I completely stopped drinking alcohol.  It’s a bit of a challenge as I am often in various situations where a glass of wine or two would be a lovely way to wind down but I made a decision and I’m still sticking with it.  I had done it in the past but never with the long term dedication I strive for now.  The mind is incredibly powerful when you control it.  This brings me to reflect a lot on the last year and what I have to do to follow through with my goals.  A lot of it involves moving past a feeling you may know all too well - feeling stuck.  

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A New Year Special: Making Guns Great Again

As we approach a new year, it has me reflecting on my past and how I want to move forward.  I’m often drawn back to my childhood as the little girl in me still comes out once every so often.  Someone came into my store recently and noticed my own kids and commented on how disinterested they are in all the firearms we have.  It’s true.  I have completely trained my children to understand that firearms are used for specific purposes to enhance our lives; they are a tool much like a chainsaw, hockey stick, or a car.  I want this for my children.  I want them to be confident and knowledgeable around firearms as it will travel with them for the rest of their lives.  My first experiences with firearms were not good ones.  Although I will not go into much detail, when I reflect back on those experiences now I can see how things could have been much different and for the better.  It was these very experiences that brought me to where I am now - in a place completely focused on firearm safety and education.  

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Cool Climate; Cool Kids

When I was nine years old, my family moved from the east flat area up to east hill.  It was a tough move for me at that age as I was leaving all my friends from St. John Community School (if you can remember that!) but kids are pretty resilient.  We moved into a big old character home near the city’s courthouse.  A new home, a new neighbourhood, a new school - so many changes.  As I’ve often said going outside your comfort zone is the best way to grow yet it’s difficult to understand and embrace that concept as a small child.  

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