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Melanie Markling

An Essay Written in the Wild

The following essay was manually transcribed into my cellphone last week while on my first and only hunt during this year’s rut.  Not being dressed for the weather and bringing along my cellphone were a couple of my mistakes.  I struggled with the cold; I struggled with my thoughts, but nothing compared to the drop I felt in my heart when I realized I lost my first ever attempt at a buck in the three years I’ve hunted solo.  I froze, in every sense of the word.  The following are my raw emotions and thoughts as I pieced everything together and yet still walked out of the bush as a better person:

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Our Greatest Resources: Children & Teachers

Last week I commenced a discussion on the value of being prepared.  I touched on the accessibility of resources we have in and around the city.  I believe our greatest resource is in our people; specifically, our children and teachers.  

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Outside the Boundary

I had a good opportunity to work at the Saskatchewan Penitentiary for many years and, despite some of the challenges it presented to me throughout my time there, I was able to enhance many skills including interpersonal communication and risk analysis.  Throughout it all, public safety was paramount and was the focus of my daily activities.  Believe it or not, I was thinking about your safety out here beyond while I spent countless hours inside those four massive brick walls of which are virtually inescapable for some.  Public safety still matters to me.  

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Local Business Builds Prince Albert Community

Last week in The Shopper I wrote about my reflections on winter in our community - about the fun side of it.  And there are many of them.   As much as I like to believe we should all individually take the steps to be as prepared as possible, I also believe the social creatures we are need to rely on each other now and then to keep our communities healthy and achieving excellence.  As I write this, I am a couple of days out from the trapping course I am hosting at Northern Elite Firearms and offering to people within the community.

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Winter is Coming!

It snowed a few days ago and the ground is covered and I love it! There are so many fun activities and things to do during the winter - let’s face it - we all must find something to love about winter here in Prince Albert or else it becomes dreadfully long. Before we discuss all the fun things about the cold, however, I challenge whoever reads this to think about your preparedness for the long winter ahead of us. The cold, the ice, the slippery roads, the frozen hands. How do you prepare for six months of the cold do you say? Please bear with me as I explain some of the basics from my perspective . . . and I don’t mean hibernate (although that may work perfectly fine for some people).

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