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Cleaning Up Closets; Cleaning Up Life

"How you do anything is how you do everything."  I heard this for the very first time in 2013 and it definitely resonated with me; as a matter of fact, it's one of those quotes that springs itself into my mind every few weeks.  Lately it's come about more often as I look at the aftermath of summer and what it did to my house.  With sticky fingerprints not only on just windows but walls and doors; laundry and outgrown clothes and shoes piling up; and an army of dustbunnies collecting in places unknown, I wonder, does this house really reflect on me?  Because my house is a little on the chaotic side right now.  Does that mean I'm falling apart?  No.  And I'll tell you why: because I excelled at being the best mom I could possibly be this summer.  

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The Art of Smoking

A few months back I started smoking; I didn't think it would have such a strong hold on me but I've heard all my life how addictive smoking is.  Little did I know how starting to smoke at such a late age in life would actually improve my health.  If you haven't figured it out by now, I'm not talking about the nicotine smokes, rather, I'm very much discussing the art of smoking meat.  

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A Spicy Perspective - From Pumpkin Spice to Gun Powder

It's that time of year where summer wraps up and autumn begins to unfold before our eyes.  The kids are gone back to school now and we are on our way to becoming re-familiarized with the usual programs and routines - school lunches, homework, after school activities - lots of extras that we tend to step back from a bit around my neck of the woods over the summer.   For instance, many evenings do not come with a hard 8:00 bedtime - most involved epic adventures of some kind with our last one being an impromptu trip to Saskatoon to send summer off with a bang as we watched an amazing fireworks display.  

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Community Garden Teaches Growth and Love

Last year I surprised myself when I took a jump into the process of canning.  It was an exciting and wonderful experience and since that time I thought long and hard about the reasons why I need to get myself more acquainted with this timeless way of preserving food.  It all started with a garden but not just any garden.  Although I would like to have my own garden one day it's simply not a reality for me so I did the next best thing. 

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Female Hunters Will Save You Money

With the hunting season soon upon us, I find my thoughts again drifting to the possibility of successfully filling up my freezer with meat I've hunted and processed myself.  Over the last few years I've increased my protein intake quite significantly and, considering the cost of it in the grocery stores, it can really make a dent in my wallet; there's nothing cheap about making a big pot of chili anymore.  Nor should there be.  Meat is a luxury that should be earned through hard work.  Fortunately I've somehow managed to convince myself that hunting is a great way to save money although some people disagree with me.  Here's where I explain how my hunting fever has saved me money:

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