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Melanie Markling

To Play is to Grow

I remember a lot of things about my childhood but being outdoors is always one thing that stands out when I pause to think about those memories.  Whether it was riding my bike around the neighbourhood, wandering through the trees at “Wacky Woods”, or walking over to the playground on the next street, I spent many hours outdoors.  Many of us did.  Ask a local about their childhood and it is quite likely they too encountered the same experience – summer vacation usually consisted of getting up in the morning, grabbing something to eat, and heading outside to meet up with our friends until the sunlight started to drift away.  

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Thinking Outside the Box

I often write about hunting as I believe these are roots that must continue to run deep within our community.  I meet new people on a daily basis – not just those born and raised in Prince Albert but many who have come to Canada with the hopes of finding a new way of life.  Because of our proximity to the wild and our harsh climate I hope all of those who are new to the city will come to learn the importance of maintaining a close relationship with not only nature but also with those of us who value the knowledge that comes with thinking outside the box.  In Rick Miner’s case, it was precisely taking what he found out of a “box of goodies” that helped him to create a valuable asset everyone with survival and preparedness in mind can use.  

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Why We Need to Teach Children Firearm Safety

NORTHERN ELITE FIREARMS - The entire firearm industry advocates the safety and respect of firearms amongst all people, especially to the next generation. Canadian gun owners accept it as wisdom that teaching firearms education is good for our families and communities; I continue on my own journey with my children as I teach them the value of preparedness, resourcefulness, and accomplishment that comes along with attaining a good collection of firearms and knowing how to use them to our advantage. I have come to appreciate guns for their importance as tools in delivering a vast array of experiences, entertainment, and security. Unfortunately this is a concept not easily accepted by those who are not as well-versed with firearms. 

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Finding Comfort in

My life isn’t Monday to Friday any more, as it was for so many years previous.  It’s a blend of my heart on my sleeve with whatever flies off the cuff mixed in with a few appointments and necessary happenings scattered in between.  A few cups of coffee.  Bacon.  Even though my style may be a bit unorthodox, as a woman of many roles I find I am always on the look out for one thing that really drives my future behaviour: RESULTS.  

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The Messenger

Over the last few years I’ve met many people in Prince Albert who don’t call the city their original homeland but they choose to make it their home.  One particular man, Brad, is one of these people.  Hailing from another country, Brad was summoned by the hunting gods to chase a dream right here in Saskatchewan where he successfully tracked and harvested a beautiful non-typical whitetail buck they called, The Messenger; what a divine twist of fate for Brad as he eventually came to start a new life in PA.

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