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Melanie Markling

Happiness is a Step Away

There’s no amount of money in the world that will ever make you happy if you’re not happy with yourself.  I remember hearing that often throughout my life but it never did stop me from chasing a dollar.  While I certainly haven’t reached all my financial goals I’ve reached a point in my life where I am focused on them more than ever and more on my terms.  I worked really hard to get here but I can say it’s true - more money won’t necessarily increase your level of happiness.  

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The Fiction of Follow Through

As a child my parents would bring my brothers and I to the local public library where we spent countless evenings wandering through the aisles as our parents worked.  I have hundreds of warm memories from those days - I loved the smell of the books.  I loved when I would find a forgotten bookmark just barely peeking out of the pages.  I’d stop and admire the artwork in the gallery.  My brothers and I would have puppet shows in the craft room.  Many late nights were spent in complete quietness, running my fingers along the spines of books, row after row.  I remember doing boiler checks with my Grandpa; the basement room dark and loud but Grandpa always making it fun and interesting.  In high school I started janitorial work for the family business at the same library; vacuuming, dusting, emptying garbage bins, scrubbing toilets.  In my early 20s, while in university, I was employed part time at that same library as a librarian.  I’m grateful I had the opportunity to stay connected with the library for all those years.  I grew up watching many people work in a library and that’s a lesson I value very much.  

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25 years ago today I can recall feeling excitement in the air: a new journey of life was unfolding.  I was a little scared but I remained confident nonetheless.  My parents and I had made all the preparations for what would be to come - a grade 12 graduate walking on the stage to receive the diploma I had worked 12 years toward.  A huge life accomplishment!  A trademark of our civilized society that embraces education and moving forward.  

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Education is Key to Firearm Safety

Who and what do our future generations fall back on when times are tough?  The answer is themselves and it is our obligation as parents and teachers to provide them these lessons; to show them how to keep moving ahead. Canadian children should understand the importance of keeping connected to the land, learning about where real food comes from, and acknowledging the need to feel and be safe in our communities.  Why would we choose to keep them in the dark?  As a mother, I want my children to learn as much as they can about a variety of subjects.  Guns included as they need to be prepared down the road.  

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Bear Essentials - Part Two

Last week I wrote about how I came to find a dozen pounds of bear fat sitting in my store and what I did with it.  From my limited experience, I’ve learned that many modern bear hunters don’t always use the fat and often just toss it aside.  Also within my limited experience, I’ve learned to make use of everything I can and avoid waste - this is an age old family value, no doubt.  This week I will explain the process of rendering bear fat into oil - this could be of value to anyone who hunts bear.  Bear hunting.  It is not for the weak or timid.  You must be able to brave the wilderness and your own wild thoughts - believe me, wandering into the bush on your own before the sun rises can get your mind racing.  Now while we’re on the topid of a racing mind, let’s move into the process of rendering bear fat:

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