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Melanie Markling

A Different Kind of Connection

I often caught myself spending too much time on social media and fortunately my job with the PA Shopper has increased this awareness and prompts me to spend more time looking for things to do and to write about.  Score!  Although I’ve made thousands of connections through social media one connection that is always treasured is with my people.  I visited my only living grandparent this weekend – she is a wonderfully strong and positive woman who has overcome many challenges in her life but always chooses to focus on moving forward.  My grandma Phyllis has been a rock for all of our family and one of the most influential women I can think of.  I love her dearly and appreciate everything she has given to all of us for over 80 years!  We talked about writing a bit of her history which I look forward to doing as I’m not as knowledgeable with my paternal roots as I am with my mother’s side of the family (which is huge!)  

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The Trees Are Our Friends

Life in the city is different and definitely provides a sense of security for many of us.  With easy access to shelter, food, and clothing I don’t have to put much thought into my daily routines and this makes life more comfortable.  I like being comfortable but I’ve come to realize that staying in my comfort zone brings me no closer to my goals - as I’ve learned I must become uncomfortable to reach my full potential.  Comfort zones maximize ineffective habits. 

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Don't Axe It Till You Try It

An Auntie of mine came into our store this week and it was very interesting to me to learn that she's never shot a gun before. Ever! She walked into the store, eyes wide like saucers, and exclaimed it was so weird to see so many guns. Of course I want to be the one who teaches her to shoot for the first time!  Like her, I’m sure there are many people within the city who share the same background.  

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A Sweet Offering

It truly takes a village to raise a child.  I was raised in a really good one.  My family roots reach far back in this area of the country – both my paternal and maternal families had homes here in Prince Albert and area for over 100 years!  The city has a multi-cultural vibe going on right now (it wasn’t always like this) but it remains largely an Anglophone community; with that said, French culture has roots in this region far deeper than mine.  French language and culture followed me throughout my life and I believe learning more than one language is beneficial in our lives, especially given that our country has two official languages.  Even though I was not raised in a French speaking home, I was exposed to French language during my school years and I have come to appreciate the bits of my own French ancestry.  For reasons above I continue to support the French Immersion program in our schools.   

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The Role of the Wild

Over the course of my life I’ve held several roles including student, teacher, and parole officer.  Although I’m very proud of those accomplishments which provided great value in my life, I’ve decided to focus on other roles: I am currently a companion, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a niece, a cousin, a friend, a writer, a hunter, a gun dealer and an entrepreneur.  Of all the many roles I have in my life; however, none is as important as being a parent.  I take this role most seriously and I do my best to teach my kids how to love and work hard.   I’ve been a parent since 1996 and became a grandparent in 2016; all range between 2 and 22 (a great number).  I enjoy sharing my learning experiences and adventures through writing as it leaves something for my children to read and be inspired by. 

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