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Prince Albert Tales

Morley Harrison

The Tigers Roar

In my last ‘Whale of a Tale’ I wrote about events 50 years ago this October. (1971)

One of those events is riveted in my mind. Prince Albert Tech Tigers win their first football game after over five long years.

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Fifty Years Ago This Month October 1971

This past weekend, our great grand niece (see how old I am) played in a local invitational Volley Ball Tournament at St. Mary High School. It was great to talk to her and hear how excited she was to be back playing, despite having to wear a mask, enjoying a part of school life that has been badly missed due to Covid. 

A big thank you to all those who worked very hard at St. Mary to see that proper Covid protocols were administered, and the athletes could PLAY once again.

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Fun and Funny Times At Bell’s Beach and the Big Dipper

My last few articles have dealt with the Cottonpicker’s band. This led me to trace the beginnings of the band, how they found a home at Bell’s Beach, and how they built a ‘star’ of a place  – The Big Dipper on their beach.

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Shooting for the Stars

The evening of March 4, 2004 I walked northward along Highway #2. I was walking towards the Spruce Home Trail Riders Arena. I wasn’t the only one walking; I had joined several others. We, after carefully parking our cars on the shoulder of the highway, had to walk as the parking lot around the Arena was full.

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‘Where the H--- Is That Landing Strip?’ The Cottonpickers, somehow, always got to the dance and played ‘Music Anyway You Like It’ (Part Two)

The band, the Cottonpickers, started small in 1957, but with great talent, great showmanship, great work ethic, and unrelenting determination they became a dominant part of the music and dance scene here in Saskatchewan and Western Canada. That dominating presence was to last for over five decades, a dominance that had much to do with the band’s adherence to its motto providing “Music Anyway You Like It.”

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Current Flyers

Wednesday November 17, 2021