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Prince Albert Tales

Morley Harrison

Shooting for the Stars

The evening of March 4, 2004 I walked northward along Highway #2. I was walking towards the Spruce Home Trail Riders Arena. I wasn’t the only one walking; I had joined several others. We, after carefully parking our cars on the shoulder of the highway, had to walk as the parking lot around the Arena was full.

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‘Where the H--- Is That Landing Strip?’ The Cottonpickers, somehow, always got to the dance and played ‘Music Anyway You Like It’ (Part Two)

The band, the Cottonpickers, started small in 1957, but with great talent, great showmanship, great work ethic, and unrelenting determination they became a dominant part of the music and dance scene here in Saskatchewan and Western Canada. That dominating presence was to last for over five decades, a dominance that had much to do with the band’s adherence to its motto providing “Music Anyway You Like It.”

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Brooksby – Mud – What a Band!! (Part One)

In September 1965, Fay and I had just begun our first teaching positions in Star City, Saskatchewan. 

Another couple from our new home town invited us to go to a Friday night dance at nearby Brooksby. We dressed in our finest, and OFF we went.

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50 Years Ago This Month – July, 1971

July 1, 1971 Prince Albert reached a high of 23 degrees Celsius. Our city this July 1st was a hot 33 degrees.

While our city and area may have been cooler in July of 1971, it still recorded interesting local stories. So let’s look back to see a few of the those ‘tidbits’ from the past. 

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Tidbits From 50 Years Ago – June 1971

June 2021 certainly, due to the presence of Covid 19, looks different for Prince Albert and area citizens than that month did in the past. Perhaps a gander back at what was going on 50 years ago in the month of June of 1971, might distract us from Covid concerns for a few moments.

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