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Prince Albert Tales

Morley Harrison

Wasn’t That The Most Fun Ever?

“Four gold medals. Wow!” I exclaimed.

The gentleman, sitting taking a break in the Art Hauser Centre after two full days of track and field events, smiled and replied, “Yes the games have been good to me.”

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From Fire Hall To Museum

This summer the Prince Albert Historical Museum will feature a display illustrating how that museum evolved out of the City’s Fire Hall to the fascinating ‘story place’ it is today.

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Dief the Chief and Canadian Democracy

For most in Prince Albert little introduction is needed as to who John G. Diefenbaker was. He was our Member of Parliament for many years (1953 – 1979). He was known as ‘The Man From Prince Albert.’ He was one of three Prime Ministers elected in Prince Albert (Laurier,  Mackenzie King, John G. Diefenbaker).

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An Epic Battle

The ‘Epic Battle’ occurred in Prince Albert, but it began in Vietnam.

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The Wall of China in Prince Albert

I often wear a Toronto Maple Leafs’ ball cap, and I have taken a lot of ribbing about it. People have said, “You must be the only Maple Leafs fan left.” Or they have said, “Were you even alive when the Leafs won their last Stanley Cup? If you were, boy you must be really old.”

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