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An Early New Year’s Resolution

It is Friday, December 20th, and I sit at my computer with no real pressing matters to take care of. ( I know my English teacher would say, “Do not end a sentence with a preposition!” and others might say, “What? No pressing matters at the height of the pre - Christmas hype!”)

But, (and I realize I just started a sentence with a conjunction) it is the truth. Maybe, I am just being lazy, or maybe, because I am retired, I just decided to sit at home and take it easy. 


 While passing the time, I gave thought as to what my New Year’s Resolutions might center upon. This pondering gave rise to a number of items that have come to my notice lately that could motivate choosing a positive goal to which I might commit. Oh yes, I have seen the news and heard all the impeachments to, “Beware the many,” as Santa would say,  “naughty and more than naughty, even downright nasty, people and issues facing all of us.” But (that conjunction again) there were a number of issues I have noted that brought good feelings and warm thoughts with them.

I will recall a few of them here:

The Prince Albert Police Services’ Annual Shop With A Cop project where kids, who might never get the chance, were accompanied by a police officer to, ‘not answer for being naughty but to buy, with 100 provided dollars, gifts for themselves and their loved ones.’

The thousands and thousands of dollars provided by individuals, The Minto Hockey team, the Raider Hockey Team, and Service Clubs in the desire to create The Rose Garden Hospice – intended to give loving care to others.

The Carlton Crusader and St Mary Marauders basketball teams that played in earnest competition before a paying crowd and then gave all the proceeds derived to the Food Bank.

The Service Clubs, the many churches, schools and other organizations that have and will provide hampers loaded with food, and serve meals, including upcoming Christmas Day Suppers, to hundreds of those in need.

The Santa Helpers, including the Salvation Army bell ringers, and the givers of gifts, such as the Raider Hockey Team’s ‘Teddy Bear Toss,’ along with various other organizations,  so that presents will appear under many Yuletide trees that might have easily provided little to create hoots of joy and laughter to those awakening from dreams of hope early on Christmas morning.

The RCMP and our city police who gather food for the Food Bank.

The Churches and Service Clubs that send toques, mittens and scarves to Prince Albert schools.

The many businesses in our city that provide discounts and contributions to those groups providing a helping hand during this season of giving.

Operation Red Nose and its volunteers who provide safe passage to holiday revellers – a mission to create a safe and happy season for us all.

 I realize I have not mentioned anywhere near all those who reach out with their warm givings, yet I hope and know that they will all accomplish the goal of creating a very Merry Christmas.

And, perhaps the Prince Albert Early Childhood Council in a recent message says it the best: “Little children are mimics. So if we demonstrate ‘giving and kindness’ they, the children’ will do the same.”

That truly is the meaning of Christmas.

 And that also will be a reminder to me that on  New Year’s Day I should resolve to be aware of, and if possible a part of, wonderful Christmas projects in the future.


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Wednesday January 12, 2022