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Recently, Fay and I watched the Carlton Comprehensive High School’s online graduation presentation. It was most tastefully done. We chuckled as each grad was introduced, first with a cute early childhood picture, and then we smiled and clapped when the grad appeared in graduation garb. A short blurb, spoken by a favourite teacher, accompanied the pictures. It was a moving presentation, and done on a media that allows for permanent remembrance.

Through a multitude of social media, we have been aware of a variety of formats for this year’s grads in other schools. Again, those social media sources will allow many 2020 grads to preserve the memory. 

2020 Graduation, of course, by its distinctive character, will stand out as a unique moment. I am sure the grads would have preferred a different celebration. It still was beautiful and, through ‘streaming,’  the event was enjoyed by a vast audience.

 Those who shared this time with you grads wish you a great life path full of surprises and adventures as you pursue your goals. Congratulations!

I am sure that you all will have a ‘Whale of a Tale’ to tell.

My ‘Whale of a Tale’ today will center on activities busily going on at our local Historical Museum.

The Museum has been quiet for some time. Covid 19, as with many other places, forced the museum to close its doors to the public. While it may not have been active serving visitors, the museum has been a scene of busy preparation by staff and a prescribed limited number of volunteers, as they readied the displays for public perusal on opening day – Friday, July 10th at 9:30 a.m.

 Visitors will find much to take them back into the colourful and fascinating history of Prince Albert and area.

Over the past three years, the Connaught room, in the museum, has been undergoing major transformation,  and while it is still a work in progress, fascinating displays are to be found there.  Vibrant, exquisitely crafted murals take us  from our beginnings as a gathering place, Kistapinanihk, for indigenous peoples, to the arrival of the Metis. Accompanying these murals are displays featuring:  the Hudson Bay Company which traded furiously with the first peoples and brought life changing technology to the area; the permanent settlements by James Isbister and the establishment of a mission by Reverend James Nisbet, who named the site Prince Albert in 1866 are also explained. Found in the center of the room is a large, eye catching, glass cabinet containing an original wooden indigenous canoe that is a must see.

Adjacent to the Connaught Room, you will find a police and fire department display that will take you back to the uniforms of the past as well as a real older styled fire truck, as the Museum until 1975 was the home of our city’s fire brigade. Next to the fire truck are displays dealing with World War I and World War II, featuring a replica of the trenches used in W.W.I. This whole area will really ring a bell for you. To see what I mean, you will have to make a visit.

In the lower floor of the museum, you will find a most intriguing area – the Dr. H. A. Reid Room. It contains displays that through pictures, text, and artifacts take the visitor into Prince Albert’s historic medical developments, its  services industries both professional and retail, its primary industries including saw and pulp mills, breweries, brick factories, fish processing plants, and meat processing initiatives. The displays are life like, and create a feeling of actually being a part of the past.

 The top floor of the museum is filled with artifacts and explanations re: the life style of early Prince Albert citizens. For many it will serve to bring back personal recollections or stories heard about a life style of not too long ago.

Finally, there is an entrance on the top floor to a balcony with one of the finest views to be found in our city of our river and its picturesque surroundings.

There is so much to see. So, as we ‘reopen’ from Covid and all its necessary restrictions, make a trip to the museum to see and celebrate our area’s past accomplishments, appreciate what has been done for us, bath in the beauty of our surroundings, and consider the opportunities that await us.

AND, you can do all this with the assistance of well prepared and friendly tour guides who will happily meet you at the door and take you through a very rewarding trip.

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