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A Memorable Christmas

I cautiously made my way down the school hallway,. It was my first time playing Santa. I was anxious. Suddenly a boy about eleven appeared. Dressed in a hockey jacket, he swaggered – a self assured tough guy walk. Showing he was too old for this Santa stuff he grinned and said, “You’re too skinny to be Santa. Oh well, you better get in there. They’re waiting.” 

What was I doing? Who could I fool? Would a lot of kids be disappointed? Reluctantly I opened the cafeteria door, took a deep breath, shook the bells in my hand, and in my jolliest voice called out, “Ho. Ho. Ho!”

Dozens and dozens stared at me. This wasn’t ho, ho, ho; no, it was oh, oh, oh. I wasn’t enough Santa for all this.

As I stood frozen, a bubbling voice shrieked, “SANTA!” 

A small tornado burst from the crowd – running with a mission, and I was that mission.

I knelt. I opened my arms. She took away my panic. She made me Santa!

So began a half hour of sheer delight. It was Santa they loved. It was Santa they hugged. But I loved every minute.

Soon that special time was ending. I rose and prepared one last: “Ho, HO, HO!”

Then I saw her. A mother bent at the waist was gently coaxing a small brown eyed, very shy little princess towards me. I knelt again, and grasping one last candy bag I held it out. Her last steps came not in a rush – slowly warily.

 I whispered, “What is your name?”

The reply was simple, but firm, “My name is Mercedes.”

Don’t ask me why at that moment I felt the full impact of what Mercedes had given me. Perhaps it was because of the wonder of all the children there, but I suddenly realized that I had just received a priceless gift.

You see Mercedes when you stated so softly, “My name is Mercedes,” you shared with Santa the most precious gift given to you at your birth – your name. Santa will never forget it. 

This Christmas holds many concerns. Quite probably my Santa, sadly, won’t be able to go out and about. Travel to family and other loved ones may well be greatly limited. Gift giving may have to wait. On site Church services may not even happen, or be extremely limited in size. It may well be a much more subdued Christmas.

Yet through it all, we can still give what Mercedes gave to Santa – a time of deep personal sharing. We can phone one another, or send a card, a letter, a social media contact. Just something that shares ourselves – the most precious gift of all.    

This Christmas the Prince Albert Historical Museum wants to initiate a way where Prince Albert and area residents can share their memorable Christmas stories not just for this Christmas but for years to come. The museum encourages all, especially children, to write your, “My Most Memorable Christmas” and send the story to the museum where that story will be bound with all those submitted and kept in the museum’s archives – there to be available for anyone visiting the museum in 2021 and for years to come.

One of the children’s stories will be drawn at random from all those submitted, and awarded a prize. Winner will be recognized on the museum’s Web Page.

Please forward your memorable Christmas stories via email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or mail them to the Historical Museum, 10 River Street East, S6V-8A9. You may also drop them off at the museum between 9:00 and 4:00 Monday to Friday – just ring the bell on the east door. 

Please clearly print your name on the story along with your phone number.

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Wednesday January 12, 2022