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Prince Albert Tales

Morley Harrison

Unsung Heroes

What makes a hero? Bravery in the face of death? (William Wallace - The Brave Heart); the accomplishing of what others are afraid to do? (Charles Blondin - the Niagra Falls High Wire Walker); leading your side to a  victory in a crucial athletic contest? (Ron Lancaster - Grey Cup 1966); establishing a legacy of leadership? (John A. MacDonald - Canada’s first prime minister and acclaimed Nation Builder); or is being a hero simply a result of the quiet actions of an individual who, unknown to him/her at the time, leaves behind a legacy worthy of our respect and appreciation?

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Bannock and Chocolate??? A short tale of Personal History!

One school year, I was assigned a grade ten composition class. Most of the pupils were boarding students from native communities north of Prince Albert. The students’ English skills were weak, as English was not often the preferred language of their home communities. The students’ attendance in the past had been sporadic. I did not entirely look forward to the task of teaching them.

The fall days slipped by, and so did my success rate with the students. I could not entice them to talk to me, let alone write for me. However, I remained the tough task master, sure that I could win the battle. 

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A Man that Demands Commitment

My stories to date have dealt with historical events found in The Prince Albert Historical Archives or referred to in publications written about Prince Albert. For the next few stories, I will turn to information I have gleaned from personal interviews with individuals I feel have contributed to the Story of Prince Albert and area.

Wes Stubbs: He’ll commit you one way or another!

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Phantoms of the Opera and Albert

Next to Prince Albert’s City Hall sits the Prince Albert Arts Centre. It is an historic building, built in the early 1890's. It was designed to be a multi use facility, and it certainly has been that. It has served as the city’s earliest drama centre, an opera house, public meeting house, police headquarters, city jail, and City Hall.  Today it showcases the work of many of the city’s artists.

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Ghost Train - Ghost Train - Going so Fast !

A few weeks ago, I encountered an ex-student and he reminded me of a short essay he composed, years ago, about The Paranormal St. Louis Light. He said that, despite a dismissive comment I made about the ‘Light’, he received an A. The student felt I should re-visit the story in one of my articles. So, I will.

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