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Prince Albert Tales

Morley Harrison

Kaboom – and – Yuk

Have you ever spilled processed oil, in particular automobile oil on your clothes? Disconcerting, messy, and very hard to remove, isn’t it? Well imagine walking to work, minding your own business, when suddenly you are sprayed by a fine mist of such oil. Or imagine hanging out your freshly washed clothes to dry in the warm, beautiful sun, going into the house to get a cup of coffee, looking out the kitchen window only to see the wash covered in droplets of ugly black oil. Or imagine going out to your prized automobile to find it spotted with oil. Or perhaps envisage stepping outside after a late lunch to find your newly painted white house dotted with dark oily stains, and your coveted lawn and garden flooded in oil.

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Our History

Recently, Fay and I watched the Carlton Comprehensive High School’s online graduation presentation. It was most tastefully done. We chuckled as each grad was introduced, first with a cute early childhood picture, and then we smiled and clapped when the grad appeared in graduation garb. A short blurb, spoken by a favourite teacher, accompanied the pictures. It was a moving presentation, and done on a media that allows for permanent remembrance.

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A Covid Walk

Well what’s up for me today? Read? Have a late breakfast? Pick up small branches that our windy days deposit unceremoniously all over the lawn? Maybe, and I stress maybe, do one of those ‘Honey Do List’ items, which I, much more than my wife, create? Or just look around for a different kind of adventure? 

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Here comes Clyne. It must be Monday

In 1947, Jack and Bill Mills set up a small coffee shop,  aptly named Mills Brothers, in the 900 block of Central Avenue. It was a small space, but it rapidly became a very popular spot. Good coffee and good conversation were the order of the day. 

Next door was the CN Telegraph Office. When the telegraph office moved, Jack and Bill quickly expanded into the space.  Full course meals were added. 

For whatever reason, Jack and Bill dropped the cafe idea and changed their restaurant into a magazine, newspaper, and confectionery store. Despite the change, the outlet remained prosperous for many years.

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Current Flyers

Wednesday August 4, 2021