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Prince Albert Tales

Morley Harrison

Historical Tid Bits From A Scrapbook Archives

First, I want to say that I hope all are keeping safe and feeling well. This definitely is an historic time in that the situation is world wide. 

It is very moving to read and hear of the many ways people are reaching out to one another. Please take care and stay safe.

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Using History

I cannot count the number of times I admonished my students that we must know our history in order that we do not make the types of mistakes that led to negative actions in the past, or the number of times I encouraged them to look back on the positives that have occurred so that we may build on them to make even better outcomes.

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In the midst of Prince Albert’s Winter Festival one can find many reasons to smile while visiting the numerous Festival sites. Laughter, cheering, lively competition, raucous applause, oohs and aahs coming from those visiting art displays, and mixing with distinguished city representatives are the order of the day.

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Mom, Aunty Florence, Fay, Me, and The Winter Festival

It was February 1967. Fay and I had lived in Prince Albert just seven months. We saw in the news that Prince Albert was about to host its fourth Winter Festival – wow – Dog Sled Races – King Trapper Events – Buckskin Parade – Jigging Contest – Fiddle Contest – Malamute Saloon - A Festival Queen Pageant

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