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Prince Albert Tales

Morley Harrison

Mom, Aunty Florence, Fay, Me, and The Winter Festival

It was February 1967. Fay and I had lived in Prince Albert just seven months. We saw in the news that Prince Albert was about to host its fourth Winter Festival – wow – Dog Sled Races – King Trapper Events – Buckskin Parade – Jigging Contest – Fiddle Contest – Malamute Saloon - A Festival Queen Pageant

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What Is An Archives and Why Should I Care?

Back in university days I was fortunate to get a summer job at the Saskatchewan Archives. It was an interesting position and the people I worked for and with, were most supportive. 

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An Early New Year’s Resolution

It is Friday, December 20th, and I sit at my computer with no real pressing matters to take care of. ( I know my English teacher would say, “Do not end a sentence with a preposition!” and others might say, “What? No pressing matters at the height of the pre - Christmas hype!”)

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Maxing out with Max

My wife and I recently spent six weeks visiting family in Victoria, B.C. and Adelaide, Australia. It was a wonderful extended holiday.

You may ask, “Why leave sunny Australia so soon and return to cold Saskatchewan?”

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