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Prince Albert Tales

Morley Harrison

Carrying On

A little over a year ago I submitted a column that now requires further attention. The article a year ago was titled, ‘Wesley Carries On.’I wrote the following at that time:

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Moments to Remember!


“Look at him go! Look at him go! Fay, come see! Come see! They just can’t catch him! It’s unbelievable!”

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Feeling History

A few short days ago, May 15th, Fay and I were in Winnipeg for our daughter’s birthday. 

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North of our River – Continued

John Muir, a much respected naturalist, wrote, “The Rural Municipality of Buckland is a colourful mosaic of nature. Terrain and fauna change greatly in short distances. An exhilarating yet tranquil landscape.” 

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Current Flyers

Wednesday August 4, 2021