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Prince Albert Tales

Morley Harrison


The last ‘Whale of a Tale,’ noted that the railroad had reached Prince Albert in 1890 and that the government had finally relented to support the building of a railway/traffic bridge ( completed in 1909) connecting the city to rich resources lying north of the river.

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‘Prince Albert’s First Fight for a Bridge’

My older brother dashed along the tracks yelling, “The Skunk is coming! The Skunk is coming!” We quickly scampered down the track’s grade and hid in the bulrushes along Regina’s Wascana Creek. Soon we heard the rumble of the on coming train - nicknamed - The Skunk. It was one of the diesel trains that a few years earlier had replaced the CPR’s steam locomotives. This new type of train gained its name from the pungent odor that it emitted.

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Crazy, Crazy - Wonderful Neighbours

In the last edition of ‘Whale of a Tale’ I said I would write more about railroads and their contributions to the history of Prince Albert. A recent event compels me to relate a personal story before I return to the railroad tale.

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“I think I can! - I think I can! ”

The story of the little train that ‘Thought it could’ has reverberations for the story of Prince Albert as it grew from a frontier town to become a major player in the development of Northern Saskatchewan.

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