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Prince Albert Tales

Morley Harrison


When I mention that I am a member of The Prince Albert Historical Society to my ‘friends’ they often say. “Oh, are you one of the artifacts?” That is when I let them pay for the coffee. 

Kidding aside, ‘artifacts’ can tell some very interesting stories. 

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One starlit summer night in 1974, I lay fitfully in my self made bivouac on a small island in the middle of the Churchill River. I was alone; the only inhabitant on the island. At least I hoped I was alone. 

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Each fall, on the first day of school, the Superannuated Teachers of Prince Albert hold a breakfast that is called “To H--- With the Bell.” It is a great way for retired teachers to reflect that the ‘Bell’ which governed their professional lives can now be happily ignored. 

My first year of retirement, I really appreciated the occasion. It was Monday morning and I enjoyed not having those little, but bothersome, concerns and anxieties that came just before the students arrived. 

I pledged to myself: Mondays would not ever be fashioned so that I had to obey the ‘call of the bell.’ 

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