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Through Rose Coloured Glasses

Rose Tournier


The Labour Day long week-end is just ahead of us. This day has been celebrated in Canada on the first Monday in September since the 1880’s. We set this day aside to acknowledge the vision of the workers who came before us. They fought and sacrificed for many of the benefits we now take for granted; things like a forty-hour week, an eight-hour day, sick leave, maternity leave and …. long week-ends!

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Who can look at a "Happy Face" and not smile?  After all these years, and after seeing it time and time again, we still love its little yellow face. Over the years, many variations have appeared - from the original yellow face to various colors, shapes and expressions. 

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Organizations such as New Hope and the SPCA do great work when it comes to the rescue of animals. These compassionate and dedicated rescuers and caretakers of hurt and abused animals do so much to ensure their safety and wellbeing.  

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I love post-it notes! I use them everywhere: at work, at home, even in my car. They are stuck on my desk at work, and on my computer both at home and at work. Coloured reminders are on my dresser mirror and on my kitchen counter. I leave myself a post-it note on the steering wheel in my car. I never forget anything - as long as I have my post-its! I have several different colours because after a while one becomes "color blind" to the notes and you need the shock of a different coloured post-it to ensure your focused attention.

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Last Friday was two years since my nephew Tadrik died by suicide. Time is sometimes slow to heal broken hearts and for his family, the pain is still very raw. 

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Wednesday October 28, 2020