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Every year, I appreciate the magic of Christmas more and more. There is so much excitement and goodwill in the air. The season brings with it the hunt for that perfect present, the gift wrapping, decorating the house, trimming the tree and of course, the baking. Over the years, my decorations have grown into quite a collection and my house sparkles and shines on both floors and in almost every room. My village glows brightly each evening. Most of my ornaments and decorations were given to me and I dutifully write the name of the person who gave it to me and the year under each ornament so that I will always remember whom I received them from. 

The most precious tradition of the holidays is getting together with family and friends. Christmas would still be Christmas without the decorations, gifts and baking; but it just wouldn’t be the special holiday without friends and family to celebrate with. Over the years, circumstances change causing traditions to change. Babies are born, young adults marry, family members pass away. The one constant is the love shared within a family and circle of friends. 

I always marvel at the inter-generational exchanges and how age doesn't matter at a family gathering. We all have something in common: each other.  It is always amazing to see young people deep in discussion with much older relatives, and older relatives taking interest in the lives and gossip of younger people. Young and old, we learn from each other.  I am often struck by how diverse we are. We are all so alike and yet so different from each other. We thrive under unconditional love and know that each of us is an important part of our family.  That is the magic of family, and it becomes even more magical at Christmas. 

I think the best gift we can give our children is the tradition of the family gathering. I hope my children and their cousins will continue this tradition. They now have children of their own who are watching and learning what “family” means. My wish for them is that they grow up surrounded by family for every special occasion, especially at Christmas.

It is also important to remember those who are not as fortunate. This is a difficult time for people who are alone, lonely or homeless. Let’s not forget to share our good fortune. There are so many wonderful organizations in Prince Albert helping those in need. These organizations could use a little help from all of us. Whether you can give time, money or other donations, there are many opportunities to help right here in our city.


To each of you, I offer my best wishes for the holiday season. May your Christmas be perfect, and I hope you create memories to cherish throughout the year.

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