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Do you know what the most stylish accessory is for April? It is the Canadian Cancer Society’s Daffodil Pin! It is made up of the Cancer Society’s yellow daffodil symbol re-styled onto a very attractive pin. You can see the daffodil pin proudly displayed on lapels and jackets this month. They are available in many locations throughout the month of April and are sold by donation. 

The Daffodil has become the symbol of cancer research fund-raising in Canada. For many years, local branches of the Cancer Society sold live daffodils.  In 2010, daffodil pins were sold as well as live daffodils– and the pins were a hit! In 2013, the Cancer Society began to phase out live daffodils in favour of pins.

The pins are very pretty and look great on your lapel. As well, the pins are a visible show of support for cancer research, and for people suffering with cancer.  It is a way to say thank you to the many volunteers involved with the Cancer Society and in local hospitals and cancer wards.  It also serves as a reminder that every three minutes someone in Canada is diagnosed with cancer and there are over 800,000 Canadians living with cancer. Cancer has touched everyone, including my family when we lost our sister to this horrible disease in 2015.

How did the daffodil become the symbol of solidarity in cancer research? The tradition started in the 1950’s when the Canadian Cancer Society’s Daffodil Days began in Toronto. A group of volunteers organized a fundraising tea. They decided to decorate the tables with daffodils, thinking that the bright and cheerful flowers instilled hope that cancer could be beaten. These gatherings soon came to be known as Daffodil Teas. Volunteer Jackie Brockie worked at Eaton’s Store and arranged for Lady Eaton to host a Tea at the store. Over seven hundred women attended! Lane Knight, another volunteer, arranged for restaurants to give part of their proceeds to the Society on the opening day of the cancer canvass in 1956. Volunteers were on hand to give patrons a daffodil as a token of appreciation. When recipients tried to pay for the flowers, the Cancer Society realized that the sale of daffodils could generate revenue, and thus the Cancer Society’s April Daffodil Sale was born. The Daffodil Sale was very successful and was held every year. The Canadian Cancer Society became the world’s largest purchaser of daffodils! 


Wear your daffodil pin with pride this month, knowing that the tradition goes back to the days of your grandmother and that this is one way to show those suffering from cancer they are not facing the battle alone. The Canadian Cancer Society is asking people that we take a picture of ourselves wearing our daffodil pin and that we share the photo on social media using the hashtags #DaffodilMonth and #JoinTheFight.   

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