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One of the many wonderful things about having grandchildren is you get one more chance to look at life through the eyes of a child. Even better, as a grandparent, you seem to have more time to do so than when your own children were young. 

This summer, as my grandson turned three years old, I have never spent so many hours looking at butterflies, worms and robins (apparently, all birds are “robins”). I have been instructed to smell the “beautiful” flowers, stop our walk to watch a furry caterpillar and to watch “fluffy” clouds. I watched ladybugs as they crawled on my grandson’s hand (“Aren’t they beautiful, Grandma?”). I have sat at the living room window with him to watch earth moving machinery working in the field just beyond our house – something he finds amazing and continually begs me to let him go for a ride on. 

His love of trains prompted us to take him to the yearly train show held in Prince Albert. Again, I found myself looking at the trains in wonder through his eyes. I was amazed at what he found “beautiful” and how he squealed with delight each time a miniature train appeared through a tunnel – no matter how many times he had just witnessed it doing so. 

Going to the pet store with him is another adventure he enjoys. He has look at and touch each animal through its cage. When he is allowed to hold an animal, he gently picks it up and snuggles with it, commenting on how soft it is. When there is purring involved, he wants to know how they do that, and is never quite satisfied when told that it simply means the kitty is happy. 

This summer has reminded me that sometimes life is best when seen through the eyes of a child and that sometimes a child can be wise beyond his years. 

One day, shortly after I had bought a new car, he noticed that it had a sunroof. From his baby seat in the back of the car, he said “Grandma! Open that window”, pointing to the sun roof. “Let’s let a little sky in”. Up until that point, I hadn’t been having a particularly good day and was concerned about other things. I followed his advice and opened up the sun roof, and as the sun and “the sky” poured into my car, my heavy thoughts lifted, and my grandson and I enjoyed the warm sun and the extra light. That incident reminded me once again how the simple things in life are sometimes the best, but often as adults we forget to take the time to enjoy them. Sometimes, we need our little people to remind us to stop and enjoy what is all around us. 

So, go ahead and let “a little sky” into your life. I promise there is nothing like it. 

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