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“The Secret Society of Happy People”. The name itself intrigued me when I first saw it some ten years ago and I had to find out what the Secret Society of Happy People was all about. The more I discovered about this on-line club, the more I loved its concept. 

The motto of the Secret Society of Happy People is: "If you're happy and you know, tell somebody! If someone else is happy and they know it, listen!” The Society’s website, with its colourful logo, makes you want to smile just by looking at it. That is exactly what founder Pamela Johnson had in mind when she created the Secret Society of Happy People: for people to smile and be happy, to share their happiness with others, and to feel free to express that happiness without other people bringing them down for it. 

The society describes its purpose as "encouraging the expression of happiness and discouraging parade-raining. “Parade-rainer” is the official name the Society gives to people who do not want to hear happy news. What a perfect name! Don’t we all have parade-rainers in our lives? We just did not have a name for them until now. We all know people who tend see the negative side of things and cause sadness and refuse to be happy. The Society encourages us to ignore the negativity and not allow parade-rainers to cause us unhappiness. By focusing on positives, life is more enjoyable for you and for others around you because happiness is contagious. This is at the very root of what the members of this club are attempting to do: to create even more happy people. They believe that, because happiness is infectious, if more people recognize it and talk about it, the result will be that even more people will be cheerful. Happy people creating happy people! The Secret Society of Happy People calls this one of the “side effects” of being a member. 

The Secret Society of Happy People has announced the world’s ten “Happiest Events and Moments” every year since 1998. They host yearly hunts for happy people. They have an annual Hunt for Happiness Week at which time they encourage members to search out the things that make them the most joyful. The only mission of this organization is to create happiness and to spread joy throughout the world. . 

This “secret” society is not so secret: they have thousands of members from over thirty-four countries – each one spreading happiness and joy. Since its creation in 1998, Pamela Johnson has created a blog, written a book and a website. Pamela has appeared on national television. She has a facebook page. It would appear that her creation is one of the world’s worst kept secrets, and I’m sure Johnson is very happy about that. 

You can check out the Secret Society of Happy People yourself. The link for the web page is and her facebook page can be found at and at 

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