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This year flew by so fast - did we really have live through four seasons already? I find it hard to believe that 2018 is over! However, it is over and as much as I love Christmas, I am anxious to have things return to normal. Our tree is down and all the ornaments and decorations are packed and put away before the new year dawns.  

Once Christmas day is over, the things that were so beautiful the day before, are now in the way and cluttering up the house. As I place each treasured ornament and decoration in its container, I know I will enjoy them all over again next Christmas. But for now, I just want them packed away and out of sight. Somehow it seems you shouldn`t start the new year by putting away last year`s decorations. As we celebrate the new year in our home, all traces of Christmas have been packed away and are waiting to be taken out again next year.

The new year, 2019, stretches out in front of us, full of promise and hope. Resolutions will be made - some will be kept, some will soon be forgotten.  New Year’s Day is a time to reflect on the good things in our lives. We live in a country where we enjoy incredible freedoms and social programs; and where we all have access to education and employment. The society in which we live values family and children. We have relatively quick and easy access to medical help when we need it. We have time for leisure and to enjoy ourselves. We are fortunate and rich in ways that people in many other countries can only dream about.  

In 2019, let us enjoy our good fortune and appreciate the many blessings we have. Make time to spend with family and friends. Volunteer to help someone in need or with an organization or service club. Most importantly, make time for yourself and do the things you love to do. Create your own perfect year.

I hope you have the opportunity to ring in the new year with people you love and that 2018 will bring you joy, happiness and health.

Happy New Year!

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