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Our family has many strong trail-blazing women that I am so proud of. Every once in a while, one of these incredible women does something outstanding that reminds me of the strength and resilience they have. They all seem to take turns rising to the occasion and defying all odds. This time, it is one of my nieces who has amazed me (even more than she usually does).

She and her sister were very much a part of our family as they and my children were growing up. I knew they would grow up to be amazing women, but they have surpassed even my expectations. 

My very pretty, petite and very feminine niece began her adult life as a heavy-duty equipment operator. Wearing her pink hard hat, she gained the respect of her fellow operators with the ease and confidence in which she handled the machines she was driving. It was there that she met her soon-to-be husband. He was a young single dad with two very young boys. As their relationship grew, they decided to make a change in their lives. He continued to work and she stayed home with the two young boys, the youngest not even a year old. The bond she formed with those two boys was obvious and they couldn’t have loved each other more. A few years later, there was an addition to the family when my niece gave birth to her beautiful baby girl. The two big brothers were protective of this new little person in their lives. My niece and her little family spend a lot of time alone as my niece’s husband was away for long stretches of time working in Alberta and B.C. She has created a wonderful home for them (almost singlehandedly) and I often marvel at how she handles everything with patience, grace and love.

Last month, she received a very unexpected call. The half-brothers of the boys had been apprehended and she was asked if she would consider taking them in to become a part of her family, perhaps as a temporary placement but maybe long-term. After talking it over with her husband, she decided to agree to this and her family grew to include these two little boys, a one-year old and a three year-old. Of course, she handled this situation with wisdom beyond her years. My niece and her husband took time to be with their family and the new little men for a whole week without having other people over or going anywhere. They took the week to get to know each other and to make the transition as calm and uneventful as possible.

It has been almost a month since the additions arrived and everything is running smoothly. The boys have adapted to their new situation and the other kids have welcomed their new brothers into their home. This shows how well the situation was handled by my niece and her husband and how they have worked together to ensure that every child feels love, whether they are the “new” kids or the “old” kids.

From her pink hard-hat in a man’s world to super-Mom in an untraditional situation, I am so proud of my niece. What a role model she is for her daughter and what an example she is setting for her boys. I can hardly wait to see what the future brings for this special family.

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