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Through Rose Coloured Glasses

Rose Tournier


There was recently a story on CBC about Roger and Marie Jolly who are the owners of the Yamaha Piano Centre in Saskatoon. They have operated their business since 1980 and are about to close it. It is apparently the last store which sells pianos in all of Northern Saskatchewan.

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Now that we are well into the new year, how many of us have kept our new years’ resolutions? In early January, the gyms are full, diet centers are busy and everyone is determined to follow through on their resolutions, but that resolve is often short-lived. Oprah Winfrey wrote an article recently, with help from the book “Motivation Manifest” by Brendan Burchard. The article was about how to keep your new years’ resolutions and the six tricks to use to make it happen.  It was an interesting read and had some points I had never considered when trying to stay motivated.

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No, this isn’t about THAT song; it’s about a fundraiser being held for its third year in Prince Albert. The fundraiser is called “The Coldest Night of the Year” and it is taking place across Canada, including Prince Albert, on Saturday, February 23.  Coldest Night of the Year is a fund-raising walk which raises money for the host organization to feed, clothe and/or shelter the homeless.  In Prince Albert, the YWCA is the organizing agency.

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Now that the Christmas season is over and the decorations are packed away, we are returning to our routines. Whether it is going back to work or school, this is the time of year many people find a little depressing. The days are short, the weather is cold and there are no long week-ends to look forward to until February. Therefore, this is a good time look for something positive to lift your spirits and make you happier.

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This year flew by so fast - did we really have live through four seasons already? I find it hard to believe that 2018 is over! However, it is over and as much as I love Christmas, I am anxious to have things return to normal. Our tree is down and all the ornaments and decorations are packed and put away before the new year dawns.  

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Current and Upcoming Flyers

Wednesday April 10, 2019

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Wednesday April 17, 2019

  • Canadian Tire
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  • Surplus Furniture