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Through Rose Coloured Glasses

Rose Tournier


Maybe it’s just that we are getting older or perhaps it is just the world we are living in, but it seems each Christmas sees someone else missing from our holiday meals. Some are expected – as parents age, we expect that they will not be with us for long. Knowing that doesn’t make their loss easier, but it is part of the circle of life. What is not expected is a life cut short through disease or even worse, by suicide. 

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Last week, I wrote about my Mom’s fight with Alzheimer’s. With the passage of time, the memories of that time are not quite so painful and the stories are a little easier to share. Seven years ago, in the middle of November, we took another step in the battle we knew we would never win – we moved Mom to a to a level three/four care home – the final step in her war with Alzheimer’s. Her disease had progressed to the point where she now needed more specialized care and she would reside behind closed and locked doors for her own safety for her remaining days. 

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Last week, I and a friend went to the Jann Arden concert held at the E.A. Rawlinson Centre. I have been to several Arden concerts over the years and always enjoy both her songs and the stories she tells in between songs. One of her most humorous topics has always been about her mother. Arden always tells funny, tongue-in-cheek stories about her Mom. I wondered, however, if she would do that this time. Her mother now suffers from Alzheimer’s and I knew that she had recently been placed in a special care home. Arden took care of her Mom, especially after her dad died, which allowed her to remain in her home for as long as possible. It finally got to the point where she needed care and supervision twenty-hours a day and Arden had no choice but to place her in a home. 

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On October 20, the first ever Walk for Freedom was held in Prince Albert. The group A21 leads the way on the Walks of Freedom each year, and their movement is growing. A21 wants to make people aware that there are millions of slaves in the world today, so they talk about it, fundraise and organize the Walk for Freedom. 

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I hope people will take the time to attend Remembrance Day ceremonies and acknowledge the sacrifices of our war veterans, even though it falls on a Sunday. This year it is more important than ever to celebrate this day. Each war which our men and women have fought in is important, but this year our focus will be on World War I. On November 11, it will be one hundred years since the end of World War I. The last WWI veteran passed away in 2010. It is important to remember the soldiers who fought to keep us safe and free, even if they are no longer here to be acknowledged. 

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