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Through Rose Coloured Glasses

Rose Tournier

Oh Canada

As I write this week’s column, the Winter Olympics have just concluded and I have just watched the closing ceremonies.  During the two weeks of the 2014 Olympics, I, like most Canadians, experienced an entire range of emotions from tense anxiety prior to games and competitions to pride as our athletes won gold, silver and bronze medals.  Even those who did not win medals displayed sportsmanship, dedication to their sport and pride for our country and we can be proud of all our Canadian athletes.  In fact, news outlets all over the world commented on the kindness and friendliness of Canadian athletes and spectators.  But no one gave us the glowing review and high praise in such detail as Tanya Chen of, an American on-line site, in her story “10 Ways Canada Has Already Won The Winter Olympics” which she posted on February 12 – only five days into the 2014!  Five days in and she was telling the world how Canada had already won the Winter Olympics!  These are the reasons she gave (and yes, it is ok to swell your chest in pride).

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A Lesson In Compassion

Last week, my mother’s battle with Alzheimer’s disease came to end.  We were fortunate that my family and I were able to sit with her during her final days and to be with her as she reached that stage in her journey.  She was surrounded by people she cherished when she drew her last breath, my sister holding her hand.  Although we feel relief that her pain and confusion is over, we still grieve the loss of our mother.  We all thought we were ready for this inevitable stage, now we realize that one is never ready to lose a loved one no matter how much time you have had to prepare.

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The Magical Old House

The house my mother was born in was abandoned by her family in the late 1940's when they built a new house in the nearby town. On a few occasions, when I was a child, my mother and her parents would take me along to visit the old house. What I remember most about that house was that it was huge and very beautiful.   However, the most amazing thing to me was that it had two sets of stairs leading to the second floor! There was one set on each side of the house. The way the staircases were situated did not make them "a front and a back" staircase, but rather they were on the same side of the house in a linear fashion. 

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The Neuroscience Of Grateful-ology

In today’s world it seems we are constantly receiving bad news about violence, pollution, sadness and terror, and it is easy to become drawn into negative thoughts.  But a new science is proving that negative attitudes are bad for you and that the best cure for negativity is gratitude.   Dr. Robert A. Emmons, a professor of psychology at the University of California, Davis, has even named this new knowledge: “Grateful-ology: The Science and Research of Gratitude”.  Other scientists and psychologists refer to Dr. Emmons as a leading scholar in “positive psychology”.  So, what is “grateful-ology” and how did researchers arrive at their discovery?

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Prince Albert Women’s Hall Of Fame

The Prince Albert Council of Women has put out its annual call for nominations for the Women’s Hall of Fame.  The Hall of Fame itself is situated on the second floor of City Hall and consists of a wall of framed pictures of each inductee.  Each year, a local woman is recognized by being inducted into the Prince Albert Women’s Hall of Fame.  The first year a woman was acknowledged in this manner was in 2004 and there has been an induction each year since.  

We all know women who give of themselves either as volunteers or in their workplace.  There are so many kind and generous women in Prince Albert who, while they never seek recognition, certainly deserve it.  As women, we often forget to acknowledge each other or the contributions of others.  This award attempts to correct that.  That is why it is so important to Prince Albert and area and why it is so vital to nominate deserving women.  

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