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Through Rose Coloured Glasses

Rose Tournier


I was speaking to a friend recently about her mother’s Alzheimer Disease and how lucid moments were quickly becoming cherished. My mind went back a few years, to when my own mother suffered with the same disease. It brought back a memory of a day shortly before this disease claimed Mom’s life.

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Last week-end, my family gathered at a memorial for my brother Denis and his wife Geri. They died within a couple weeks of each other. They were in the hospital in Porcupine Plain at the same time and, as can only be done in a small town hospital, the staff arranged for them to share a room so that they would spend their final days together. After some thirty years of marriage, this was the perfect farewell.

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A couple months ago, it seemed the entire country was celebrating the Toronto Raptors first NBA title. Probably one of the happiest people with the win was Raptors’ president, Masai Ujiri. I learned a little more about Ujiri lately, which makes me like him a lot and wish that more people were like him in their willingness to share in their successes.

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On July 7, an anniversary quietly went by with little notice or fanfare, but it should have been acknowledged and heralded. On that date, one-hundred years ago, Canadian women became eligible to run for office and to hold seats in the Canadian House of Commons. Even I, who is interested in women’s issues, was not aware this important date, until after it had passed. I came across a news release dated July 7, 2019 titled “Today Marks the Centennial of Canadian Women Winning The Right To Stand For Office In The House of Commons”. It was released by the Merchant Navy Commemorative Theme Project.

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I was recently shopping for a greeting card. As I searched through the rows of cards, I noticed one with the words “To Someone Who Is Just Like A Sister”. That got me to thinking about what it takes to be “just like a sister”. The bond between sisters is very powerful and unique. It is rooted in love, on memories of a shared childhood and a similar belief system learned from the years of growing up in the same household. As adults, sisters lean on each other for support. Sisters can truly be themselves with each other – after all, your sisters have seen you when you were still in diapers,  and with your front teeth missing, they knew you for years before you wore make-up, and have seen the hair style failures you experimented with and know all your secrets.  So, if this is truly what creates that bond between sisters, I wondered how does one become “just like” a sister? 

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