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Through Rose Coloured Glasses

Rose Tournier

Tadrik – One Year Later

Last Wednesday marked one year since my nephew Tadrik died by suicide. The ”firsts” are over, but for his family, the pain is still very raw. A new year with new beginnings is ahead – the first birthdays, holidays and anniversaries have been met and now his family forges ahead.  Added to the sorrow of his siblings, their father died in April and now rests next to Tadrik at the small cemetery close to their farm

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I often hear comments about how generous people in Prince Albert are, not only with donations of money, but donations of their time. It seems that whenever a call for volunteers goes out, people are more than happy to oblige. Many of those volunteers are women, who somehow fit in hours of helping into their busy days.

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What makes you happy?  How many things are you happy about?  Barbara Ann Kipfer knows exactly how many things she is happy about: 14,000 (and growing)!  She knows, because throughout her the first forty years of her life, she wrote them down and kept track of everything, big and small, that made her happy.

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Therapy Dogs

Anyone who has owned a dog knows the value of its championship, loyalty and love; so it’s not a huge stretch to understand how dogs can become therapy dogs. The therapy dogs bring so many benefits to people with physical and emotional pain.

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Sometimes something happens that make you feel braver than you normally would in certain situations. That happened to me recently in my dentist’s office.  I am not a very brave “go to the dentist” type of person, and that day was no exception.  As I sat in the waiting room, trying to stay calm, a man in a Corrections Canada uniform walked into the clinic.  The receptionist handed him a form and he brought it to the waiting area where he sat in the chair next to me.  As he filled in the form, I noticed his hands were shaking.  I imagined some type of event had occurred at the penitentiary and he was still recovering from an adrenal rush which was causing his hands to shake. 

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