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Through Rose Coloured Glasses

Rose Tournier


If you ever have the chance to hear members of STR8 Up speak, don’t miss the opportunity. They tell their stories of how they became gang members and how STR8 Up helped them leave gang life. Sometimes it just seems there is only hopelessness and a sad future for so many of our young people who are struggling with unhappy home lives, and who are enticed to join gangs in order to gain a sense of belonging. The STR8 Up members offer hope through their own experiences and an alternative to living a violent life. 

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Is there a gene passed down in a family making its members more likely to be famous? Are charisma and leadership part of the make-up of a genetic code? According to genealogy researchers, that may be, in fact, the case. 

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Just when a person thinks technology has gone as far as it possibly can and there just cannot be anything new to develop and create, a trade show is held which proves us wrong. There are many new things just around the corner, which we will find incredible at first and will be unable to live without six months later, just as we do with every new electronic gizmo and gadget that comes out. 

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Charlene Miller, city councilor for Ward 1, has been doing a community clean-up in her ward for the past nine years. The clean-up takes place in the spring, after the snow has melted. She not only picks up garbage, she arranges for volunteers (i.e.: her husband David) to pick up large items such as appliances and furniture. 

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Mother’s Day is this Sunday. I hope that women in Prince Albert are able to take the time to celebrate it, whether they are mothers or daughters, or both. 

As I look back over the Mother’s Days in my life, it strikes me how my circumstances have changed. As a child, I made gifts and created cards for my Mom, and couldn’t wait to give them to her. Until my beloved Grandma passed away when I was ten years old, I always planned the “perfect” gift for her. Both my Mom and Grandma were always delighted with my treasures, not matter what it was that I happened to be giving them. 

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Wednesday April 10, 2019

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Wednesday April 17, 2019

  • Canadian Tire
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