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Through Rose Coloured Glasses

Rose Tournier


Every year, I appreciate the magic of Christmas more and more. There is so much excitement and goodwill in the air. The season brings with it the hunt for that perfect present, the gift wrapping, decorating the house, trimming the tree and of course, the baking. Over the years, my decorations have grown into quite a collection and my house sparkles and shines on both floors and in almost every room. My village glows brightly each evening. Most of my ornaments and decorations were given to me and I dutifully write the name of the person who gave it to me and the year under each ornament so that I will always remember whom I received them from. 

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In past columns, I have written about Mrs. Richard’s little Christmas village, and how through my eyes as a child, it was the most perfect, most beautiful Christmas decoration I had ever seen. I was not going to write about it again this year, but as I set up my own display again this year, I decided that I could not help but retell the story yet one more time.

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I was driving home recently when the Christmas song “My Grown-Up Christmas List” played on the radio. The title intrigued me, and while waiting in traffic, I began to think what my own “Grown-Up Christmas List” would look like. 

As a child, I always had a list of things I wanted for Christmas. The lists were, of course, materialistic and varied depending on my age. But what would a grown-up Christmas list contain? If my adult self would write a list, what would I ask for?

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They say that everything is bigger in Texas. Obviously, that includes the hearts of the men and women in the Plano Texas Police Department. Since 1984, Plano police officers and staff have run a program they named “Christmas Cops”.

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On December 6, 1989, twenty-five-year-old Marc Lepine entered Ecole Polytechique in Montreal. He was carrying a rifle and was on a mission to kill the women he saw as feminists and a threat to men. The engineering students were taken off guard as Marc ordered all the men to leave the room and began to shoot the female students. Six women were killed instantly and 3 more were left injured.

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Wednesday December 12, 2018

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