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Through Rose Coloured Glasses

Rose Tournier


As I was looking through some digital pictures of my Mom to use on my facebook page for Mother’s Day, I came across a picture I didn’t even know I had. It was a picture of Mom and my older sister. It was an old picture, taken when they were both quite young and likely before I was even born. And although they were step-mother and step-daughter, you can certainly see the love they obviously had for each other. They were both seated on a piano bench and my mom had her hand on my sister’s shoulder.

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Both of our dogs are rescue dogs, found and brought home by my youngest son. The first dog he found was a little pug who jumped into his vehicle on a cold autumn day. After a lot of searching and putting up posters to no avail, we found ourselves with a pug. The other dog was running on one of our city streets. He witnessed her almost get hit by vehicles twice.  He pulled over and the pup jumped into his vehicle. While we planned to only keep her overnight until we could turn her over to the SPCA, we ended up falling in love with the little girl and we now have a new friend for our other rescue pet. 

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I have always been influenced by colours. When I look back to my childhood, I realize how bright colours were always attractive to me. But I really first became aware of how true this is in one of my very first classes at university. The class was to help first year students learn how to study. We were taught different of studying, and we were to find the way that worked best for us.  We were told that if we were “colour” people, our study notes would be more effective if each topic or section was written in different coloured ink. In order to decide if we were or were not colour people, the instructor asked us to think how we feel about colours. Do we buy things like notebooks and pens in certain colours because they “make us feel good” or do we just buy these items in whatever colour we happen to grab first? Do certain colours make us feel happy or do colours have no effect on us at all? I knew after answering those two questions that I am a colour person. I definitely bought notebooks, pens, pencils, pencil-cases, and rulers in colors I enjoyed looking at.  And I knew that I felt happy when I saw colours I like.

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Our family has many strong trail-blazing women that I am so proud of. Every once in a while, one of these incredible women does something outstanding that reminds me of the strength and resilience they have. They all seem to take turns rising to the occasion and defying all odds. This time, it is one of my nieces who has amazed me (even more than she usually does).

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I don’t come from a “military family”, but I have always been interested and intrigued by all things military. So, when one of our most iconic military figures passed away last month, I thought it was important to remind people of his contributions to Canada, including his eighty-one years of service to the Canadian Armed Forces!

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