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Through Rose Coloured Glasses

Rose Tournier


I think I may have written about this book in a previous column, but it’s worth talking about again. The book called “Why Good Things Happen To Good People” by Jill Neimark and Dr. Stephen Post.  Neimark is a science journalist, novelist and poet.  Post is a bioethicist.  They wrote the book together because they believe that giving is a way for you to stay healthy!  Post and Neimark claim that giving protects your physical and mental well-being.  Their theory is that, while you can’t change the things that happen to you or the unkindness of others, you can create your own happiness and take care of your own health through acts of generosity.  What a concept! 

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Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder creates a myriad of problems for those who are born with it. It occurs when a fetus is exposed to alcohol which can cause brain injury. The impacts range from mild systems to severe. Some, but not all, people with FASD show physical signs, but almost all see the world differently than the rest of us and react to situations very differently. 

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How is it possible that I had never heard of “Unstoppable Tracey” until just this week? Born in Ontario, Tracey Schmitt is a successful athlete, an international humanitarian, a global consultant, a motivational speaker and an author. She has a B.Ed and a MBA.  Oh, and she is a four-way amputee! 

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Some time ago, a cousin sent me a picture of my great-grandfather and great-grandmother, my father's maternal grandparents. I did not know a picture of them even existed. It is an amazingly clear picture considering it dates back to the middle 1880’s. The cousin who sent the picture also sent a copy of our family tree, which had been traced back to the 1600's. The names dating back to the seventeenth century fill pages and each name makes me wonder about their story. What were their lives like? What happiness and sorrow, successes and failures were experienced by people who fill the pages in the family tree?

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“Random acts of kindness” – doing something for someone you may or may not know and doing so for no other reason than to share an act of kindness - is such a great thing to do. Random acts of kindness or “raks” as they are known, have become popular over the past few years, probably because of social media.  Even a small gesture of kindness counts as a rak. Both the person receiving and the person doing the random act of kindness experience enjoyment and satisfaction.

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