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Through Rose Coloured Glasses

Rose Tournier


Mother’s Day is this Sunday. I hope that women in Prince Albert are able to take the time to celebrate it, whether they are mothers or daughters, or both. 

As I look back over the Mother’s Days in my life, it strikes me how my circumstances have changed. As a child, I made gifts and created cards for my Mom, and couldn’t wait to give them to her. Until my beloved Grandma passed away when I was ten years old, I always planned the “perfect” gift for her. Both my Mom and Grandma were always delighted with my treasures, not matter what it was that I happened to be giving them. 

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Who would have thought that the “gift of the gab” could make you smarter? The University of Michigan did a study and that is exactly what they found! According to their research, talking to a friend for only ten minutes can give your brain a quick boost and make it easier for you to problem solve! 

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Last week, I attended the Saskatchewan Association for Community Living’s second annual inclusion luncheon. I went last year as well, and the dedication and warmth of the people involved in this organization is evident from the moment you walk into the room. 

I was fortunate to be invited to sit at a friend’s table and I enjoyed the camaraderie the table and the warm welcome from the organizers. I realized that I didn’t really know a lot about the Saskatchewan Association for Community Living and the more I learned as the luncheon went on, the more I appreciated the good work they do. 

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Do you know what the most stylish accessory is for April? It is the Canadian Cancer Society’s Daffodil Pin! It is made up of the Cancer Society’s yellow daffodil symbol re-styled onto a very attractive pin. You can see the daffodil pin proudly displayed on lapels and jackets this month. They are available in many locations throughout the month of April and are sold by donation. 

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Researchers from Northwestern University in Chicago have been studying what they call “super-agers”. They were studying what makes people live longer, stay mentally and physically fit even as they reach old age. What makes this study even more interesting is that many of the “super-agers” maintained their vices throughout their long lives!

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