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Through Rose Coloured Glasses

Rose Tournier


“Random acts of kindness” – doing something for someone you may or may not know and doing so for no other reason than to share an act of kindness - is such a great thing to do. Random acts of kindness or “raks” as they are known, have become popular over the past few years, probably because of social media.  Even a small gesture of kindness counts as a rak. Both the person receiving and the person doing the random act of kindness experience enjoyment and satisfaction.

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I write about this every year after we’ve had a few weeks of very cold weather, but I can’t stop myself. As I write this, the weather has dipped into the minus thirties, with a wind chill making it feel like minus forty. And once again this year, I want to acknowledge the people I love the most when it is this cold: those wonderful people at local gas stations who fill up my car. I have extended my appreciation other times in this column, but each cold snap reminds once again me how grateful I am, and this cold snap was a doozy! It seemed like it would never end. I’m sure the gas attendants felt like they would forever wear balaclavas and that the ice crystals on their eyelashes would be there permanently.

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February has become a hard month for me. My mom passed away in February and my Dad’s birthday was in February, on Valentine’s Day. I find that in the years since they’ve passes on, I think about them a lot during this month. 

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The Coldest Day On Record

As I am writing this, we are entering our third solid week of very cold weather. As each day arrives, bringing with it more frigid weather, it is easy to get discouraged and more than just a little angry at Mother Nature. We dream longingly of those days of balmy -25 weather when the air didn’t hurt our cheeks quite so much.

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Valentine’s Day brings to mind thoughts of flowers, candies and expressions of love. For me, however, Valentine’s Day is always a little bittersweet because that day was also my Dad’s birthday. It has been over twenty years since he is gone, yet the void is still there on his special day. While I celebrate the day with my husband and family, I think of my Dad a lot on this day.

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Wednesday April 10, 2019

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Wednesday April 17, 2019

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