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Tatiana Schatten

Stilts, Part 4

Based on true events

As similar as a bug and an insect might seem,they are actually two different kinds of creatures. For one thing, a bug has an X pattern on its back made by its folded wings which is absent in insects. Most insects are also missing the piercing mouth-parts of bugs through which they feed. But a bug’s mouth has nothing to do with this bug’s tale so I will say no more on that subject. 

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Stilts, Part 3

Across the hot plains of Sudan, the Black Rhinoceros and her child continued their journey in search of water. The calf had asked his mother why Giraffes, and Western Tessebes walked on stilts, and she answered readily after a moment of thought. But he had also queried about the stilts belonging to Mantids and Secretary Bird, and received as answer: “ You may ask the owners of the stilts.” The young one took her advice and asked a Praying Mantis why his legs were stilts. To the calf’s surprise, he was not told the answer but was shown it! The first pair were for hunting! But now the little rhinoceros was on the look out for a Secretary Bird who could explain his scaly, tall legs. There was, unfortunately, no sign of such a raptor for the remainder of their journey until the rhinos reached the Chari river. Feeling a mite discouraged and a mighty bit thirsty and hot, the calf lowered his head to drink.

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Stilts, Part 2

Not based on true events

“Why do they all have stilts while we are given stumps?” repeated the Black Rhinoceros calf. After a moments silence, without turning her head from the view beyond, his mother replied slowly, “Let me see...” then, quickening her speech, she turned to her calf. “The majestic Giraffes, they must reach the tops of the highest trees so that those who are shorter do not take their food. There is competition if all feed at the same level, and that spells trouble.”

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Stilts, Part 1

Not based on true events

It was a day of cloud and sun, sun and cloud, in the waving grasslands of Sudan. It was a day of the shadow races, and already the shade cast by the clouds rushed across the ground. Birds and beasts, full of life, roamed here and there, creating roads through the parched vegetation. Some led left, some led right, but these do not concern us. It is the straight trampled routes leading to the Chari river that we must follow. Soon, the creators of these ruts are in sight, and we see that two immense Black Rhinoceros’. It is a mother wading through grasses which reached to her bulging flanks and leading her obedient calf who trotted behind her.

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The Finch’s Revenge

Many months ago, at a time when seeds were ripe, and flowers opened in all their glory, there was an occurrence which angered all finch-kind. A shy, unobtrusive American Goldfinch was viciously intimidated by a Black-capped Chickadee, and the poor finch was forced to leave his meal and go hungry because the little ruffian.

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