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A Letter from the Pigeon Post

Based on true events 


Dear Cousin P,

I have written to tell you that my husband has now been switched, swapped and turned around. Now there is a new Mr. P, and my! what a problem he can be! No matter, I love him even still for he is a sensitive, kindhearted pigeon and that is the most important characteristic of a Mr. P. He is a little uneven in his colouring, though, for he has one white wing tip and one blue. We must make an interesting pair, with his normal pigeon colouring of blue and iridescence and me white with grey speckles. I wonder if the pattern of my eggshell soaked through to me when I was young , but our eggs do not have any markings so that could not be. I guess I’m a salt-and-pepper pigeon then. 

My, how I have wandered from my original subject! Now I must flit back to it as quickly as my bird brain can go. As I was writing, my new husband is a sensitive, kindhearted pigeon. But perhaps he is slightly too sensitive. In fact, when I wed him, I was convinced that I married a chicken-heart, not a pigeon-heart. In fact, just the other day, we flew over to one of our feeding grounds (a lovely spot beneath an apple tree) and landed on a nearby lattice. We usually do this so that if  there is any predator lurking about, we can spot him before it’s too late. Well, after I had thoroughly scanned the area, seeing nothing but trees and other birds, I was quite prepared to flit down and begin my meal. But Mr. P was not. There he was before me, looking down at the feeder with a suspicious eye. Again and again he did this, and again and again he looked at the surrounding area warily, but yet he would not budge. You can not imagine how aggravated I was. There I stood behind him waiting and waiting and waiting to have my dinner, and all the time I grew hungrier and hungrier. Still, he would not move. Finally, fed up with the delay, I did something quite unladylike.  I shoved him off the lattice.

Yes, I literally pushed him off. Up he flew with a flurry of wings and landed, not by the seed, but right back upon his perch, looking shyly at me. It was only then did I fly down to my dinner, and my husband, seeing my boldness, fluttered down after me. He is much braver now and I hope he shall remain so. You never know with Mr. P.


Timidly yours,

Mrs. P 


Also known as the Rock Dove and Feral Pigeon, these birds are shy, mild tempered and unobtrusive despite the mess they make beneath their roosts. Found in settled areas, these pigeons were originally Old World birds but are now found in the U.S., Canada, South America and Australia. They feed their young by means of “pigeon milk” which is a cheese-like secretion from their crops. And no, you can not milk a pigeon.

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